Charlie Carrel Poker Career ᗎ Achievements and Background

Charlie Carrel Poker Career ᗎ Achievements and Background

Charlie Carrel Background and early life

Charles, or how everyone knows him – Charlie Carrel, is one of the most famous young poker players on the world stage. He was born in 1993 in Jersey, in the Channel Islands. If you don’t remember where it is, we’ll promptly remind you. These are the two large islands (Jersey and Guernsey) located west of the French town of Cherbourg-en-Cotentin.

At the age of 7, his family moved to London and since then, he’s a proud Londoner. His first contact with card games came when he was only eight years old. At around the same age, he started playing poker on free (play-for-fun) websites. He was not one of the popular children at school, and for this reason he was bullied. In his late teens he even sold drugs for a short time.

A friend of his encouraged him to start playing online poker sites and depositing $ 10, so his poker journey began. He won his first tournament, taking first place out of 180, with a reward of $ 49. In no time, he collected thousands more in various online tournaments. Then he realized that this could be his professional future.

👨 Full name: Charles Francis Carrel
✝️ Nickname: epiphany77
👶 Born: November 7, 1993
👴 Age: 27
🏆 Career titles: 7
💸 Career cash: 66
💰 Achievements: Triton Poker Super High Roller Series London, WPT Online Super High Roller, PokerStars European Tour
💲 Net worth: Over $ 9 million

Charlie Carrel’s family disagreed with his decision to drop out of school to persuade a professional poker career. One thing is clear that Charlie learned to value money because her family was having financial difficulties. At the age of 22, he officially made his first million by winning the High Roller Grand Final in Monte Carlo. That was in 2015 and since then Charlie Carrel has grown as a player and as a person and mentor.

Later we will focus on what Charlie is doing today, but we need to focus more on his professional poker career before that. He has proven himself to be a quick learner with strong intuition and keen senses. Charlie carrel net worth is currently estimated at over $ 9 million and increasing because it still regularly plays online, especially in these times of crisis.
High roller table with chips, cards and DIces

Charlie Carrel Poker Pro Player

We told you how Charlie Carrel’s poker endeavors started, but we haven’t told you what happened after he won his first £ 1,000. Charlie Carrel became known as epiphany77. His next goal was to win £ 100,000 out of £ 2,500, and he did so at the famous PokerStars Sunday Million weekend tournament, where he won over £ 145,000. It was the start of Charlie Carrel’s poker career as a pro. It was time for Charlie to start participating in live events, and he did.

the first major victory in Monte Carlo in 2015, when he earned around € 1.1 million, or around £ 800,000 and over. Charlie Carrel was now performing in both online and live events. It made him super famous in no time, thanks to his looks and his age. Many people underestimated it and paid their price later.

In the years following the big victory in Monte Carlo, Charlie played primarily as a professional poker player. The next time he won a live event was in his hometown of London in 2019 – the High Roller Triton Poker Series. It was another significant victory for the young poker star, over £ 1.2million. Here are some of his most important victories:

  • London poker tournament – Price £ 108,625
  • Sunday Million PokerStars – Price £ 145,063
  • Monte Carlo Grand Final 2019 – Price 320,000 €
  • EPT13 in Prague – Price £ 565,000
  • 2020 WPT Online Super High Roller Tournament – Price $ 600,250
  • Grand Final Monte Carlo 2015 – Price £ 806,000
  • Main Event SCOOP – Prize $ 1.2 million
  • Triton Poker Super High Roller Series London – Prize of £ 1.2 million

Despite the condition of the world in 2020, Charlie Carrel’s poker skills were still sharp. He won the WPT High Roller tournament and racked up over just under half a million pounds. In August 2020, it became clear that the Charlie Carrel’s overall net worth because his short career goes beyond $ 9 million. He is now only 27 years old, always keen to help others become better players.

Due to many projects he initiated, he doesn’t play poker often, but as you can see he doesn’t miss the major poker events every year. If you play in the big leagues of PokerStars, you might see epiphany77 on your table someday. Then we suggest you leave if you want to keep your money. In the next section, we’ll elaborate a bit more on the side that Charlie Carrel has been doing lately.

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How Charlie Carrel helps others

Today, after Charlie Carrel had already shown the world that he was a worthy poker player with a bright future, he decided to start doing things differently. Her decision was to start imparting her knowledge to others, helping them to become professional poker players Like him. He also promotes his personal psychological and spiritual guide, Kathy Croswell. It can help you learn to meditate and control your emotions and feelings. This is necessary if you are looking to be a professional poker player.

You will find a lot of information about himself, his achievements and his current jobs on his websites. It offers all types of paid courses on how to become a better poker player. Videos on different strategies and tips for building a small fortune from a trivial investment just like he did. The price range for Charlie’s guides is between £ 15 and £ 200, while some guides consist of a lot of videos, not just one.

  • Twitch Stream
  • Poker masterclass
  • Spiritual masterclass

There are many ways to learn how to play poker, but if you want to learn some of Charlie Carrel’s skills, you should watch him more frequently when he broadcasts live at Tic. When you learn from the best, you may one day reach Charlie Carrel net worth.

Keep in mind that in recent years it doesn’t often stream. Hence, you can enjoy the aforementioned benefits training courses and guides it will be useful to you. Here is an exciting interview with him, where he shares more of his personal experience:

Without a doubt, Charlie Carrel is a fine example of a modern poker player who owns the games, whether online or live. At one point, it might remind you of the legendary Stu Ungar aka the kid, but without the addiction issues and arrogant attitude. Everyone knows Charlie Carrel as a humble and respectful player with great intuition.


We would once again summarize some essential aspects of his poker history and career. We cannot fail to mention the fact that he is still at his peak which makes us wonder what we can expect from him in the future. We assume that we will wait and see how his career evolves over time. It’s a fact that Charlie Carrel’s story is unique and shows how much willpower, confidence, and consistency could change your life. After all, he started off with just $ 10 while living in his grandmother’s house.

If you want be like Charlie Carrel, we suggest you learn all the poker rules first. Then you might want to try your hand at playing on free poker platforms. When you feel confident enough, you should register for one of the freeroll poker tournaments, where you can win money without spending it. From there, it’s just practice and skill.


Because rarely can people get the full information right the first time, we decided to help them. We have gathered the most frequently asked questions about Charlie Carrel’s incredible poker career and life in general. If you want to know more, hit the jump button in the answers.

👨 Who is Charlie Carrel?

His full name is Charles Francis Carrel, and he is one of Most Successful Professional Poker Players in the world today. Currently he is 27 years old, but he started playing professionally at the age of 20. He made his first million at the age of 21. Here is more information on Charlie Carrel’s life and accomplishments in poker.

👶 Where was Charlie Carrel born?

Charlie Carrel was born in one of the British Isles off the French coast called Jersey. This is also where Charlie spent his childhood. At the age of 7, his family moved to London, but he still has relatives in Jersey – his grandmother.

🏆 What are Charlie Carrel’s greatest achievements in poker?

Charlie Carrel’s poker career began around the start of the last decade with his nickname Epiphany77. In no time, he was able to grow up and move into the high roller leagues. Charlie Carrel’s list of professional accomplishments consists of many online events and less live events.

👨‍🏫 What is Charlie Carrel doing today?

Charlie Carrel is still engaged in online poker, but he also has an online platform for poker guides and training programs at how to become a better player. When it comes to professional poker, he participates in most of the famous world events.

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