Florida wants to legalize sports betting?

Florida wants to legalize sports betting?

The Florida Sunshine State in the United States is considering legalizing the activity of sports betting, which could generate up to $ 500 million to be added to state coffers in the form of annual tax revenues, if sports betting gets green. light by state legislators.

According to the proposals, sports betting could be allowed through casinos run by the Seminole tribe and if the said proposals are approved and passed, Florida will become the largest state in the United States in terms of population size, to regulate and legalize sports betting activity. .

The Miami Herald reports that an agreement has been reached between the Seminole Tribe and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, with plans for the Seminole Tribe to also become the state’s hub for online sports betting.

Friday at the end of this week appears to be the critical date for voting on the proposals, with Florida hoping to become the 28th US state to allow some form of gambling within its borders.

Marcellus Osceola Jr, president of the Seminole Tribe of Florida, said late last week of the proposals: “The Seminole Tribe of Florida have entered into a mutually beneficial gaming contract with the State of Florida and eagerly await its approval by the Florida Legislature, the Seminole Tribal Council, and the US Department of the Interior.”

With this week of the current legislative session left, it is likely that an extraordinary session will be put in place in order for the proposals to be adopted.

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