Lookin to Get Out Movie Review ▷ Tale of Two Jokers

Lookin to Get Out Movie Review ▷ Tale of Two Jokers

Lookin to Get Out 1982 – Produced with love

Released on October 8, 1982, Lookin to Get Out was directed by Hal Ashby, starring Jon Voight debuts as a co-writer. Hal Ashby was a popular director in the 1970s and had previously worked with Voight in “Coming Home”. Both men had a lot of freedom during the production of this fun improvised comedy, which also served as a passion project to showcase their skills.

📅 Release date October 8, 1982
🎬 Director Hal ashby
✍️ Screenwriters Al Schwartz, Jon Voight
🎟️ Ticket office $ 946,461
🎞️ Gender The comedy
⏰ Duration 105 minutes
⭐ IMDB Rating 5.2 / 10
🏢 Production company Lorimar
💰 Budget $ 17,000,000

Sadly, Lookin to Get Out 1982 faced some initial delays while filming, and the final version has been cross-checked for theatrical release. The distribution company has even changed to Paramount Pictures. Despite the production issues, the film would still see a theatrical release and people could finally see the plot unfold.

Lookin to Get Out Trailer & Story – A Comedy of Coincidences

The plot of the film is simple. Alex Kovac is a compulsive gambler in trouble as he loses $ 10,000 and becomes indebted to vicious bookies. He decides the fastest way to pay off this debt is to go to Vegas with his friend Jerry Feldman to try to get your money back by designing blackjack casino games at MGM Grand.

When the duo arrive, they find out that someone else named Jerry Feldman is on the “ comp ” list, and the two suddenly end up with a personal suite and unlimited credit after deceiving the staff. They also meet Patti Warner, Alex’s ex-girlfriend and current mistress of the casino owner, during their stay.

With the help of Smitty, a card counter at the casino, can the two of them pay off their debt and walk away or will their luck finally run out and get captured by the angry bookies? Take a look at the Watch the trailer to get out below for a plot preview.

While the plot itself is in keeping with the books, it’s the character interactions that make the movie worth watching. Ashby almost parodies the typical game movie by having the characters stumble in favorable situations and need to overcome their own addiction to break even.

Since there aren’t a lot of plot twists, it can sometimes seem like not much is happening, but this is made up for by the wacky cast of characters. There are plenty of fun moments to enjoy, from a friendly banter from Alex and Jerry, to wild chases around the casino, to a dramatic subplot with Alex’s ex-girlfriend.

The MGM Grand at lookin to go out

The Lookin to Get Out movie takes place in the fantastic MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. While the beginning of the film takes place in New York, the rest takes place in one of the most famous casino resorts in the city of sin. Along with the hotel’s luxurious suites and games such as craps, the movie also features the magic shows performed by Siegfried and Roy and even lets you peek at the employee-only areas during multiple scenes. of pursuit.

The MGM Grand during the day

Lookin to get out the cast of the movie

Ultimately, even a simple storyline can turn out to be enjoyable with the right cast of characters. The actors of Lookin to Get Out 1982 are especially interesting to watch as their personalities clash and create hilarious jokes. Jon Voight and Burt Young form a regular comedy duo with the lightness of Young contrasting with the rowdy character of Voight. The two protagonists carry the show and make every scene a memorable one.

Aside from the two main characters, the film’s supporting cast also offer as they perfectly complement Voight and Young to create incredibly fun situations. Ann-Margret adds a dash of drama to spice up the film as Alex’s ex-girlfriend Patti Warner, giving both characters much needed depth and a break from the comedic elements. Meanwhile, Bernie Gold serves as a good antagonist, slowly catching up with Alex’s plan.

🎭 Role 🤵 Actor
Alex Kovac Jon voight
Jerry feldman Burt young
Smitty Bert remsen
Patti warner Ann-Margret
Richard Bradford Bernie gold
Tosh Kovac Angelina Jolie

This film was also the debut of Angelina Jolie, Jon Voight’s daughter. She would play Alex Kovac and Patti Warner’s daughter for a brief scene towards the end of the movie. All the actors deliver incredible performances, filled with a real passion for their roles.

It’s clear from the start that everyone on the production team enjoyed making the movie Lookin to Get Out. The actors fit their roles perfectly and the plot is simple allowed freedom and improvisation, making every interaction memorable and unique. But the real question is: how did the audience receive this movie?

Lookin to Get Out Reception – Poor Performance

Unfortunately, the film was very poorly received when it was released. The original theatrical production only managed to make $ 946,461 at the box office and failed to break even. Currently the film has a score of 5.2 / 10 on IMDB and a score of 44 on Metacritic. On rotten tomatoes it has a 29% audience score and a critical score of 31%. Despite the team’s enthusiasm during the production of this film, it will unfortunately flounder and be forgotten for years to come.

In his review of the film Lookin to Get Out, a review gives insight on why the film failed with audience reception. Although the actors gave excellent performances, the plot itself was a bit boring and at times even silly. Alex and Jerry apparently never suffered the consequences of their actions and were constantly faced with favorable situations, with no one being suspicious until the very end. The jokes would fail to land, and there were few twists and turns, creating an overall lackluster experience.

Interesting fact:

Burt Young was initially skeptical of the film’s script. He wanted to work with Voight but was not convinced it would work. When Voight started acting scenes in Burt’s living room, he was eventually convinced to star in the movie.

However, the fate of the film does not end there. The theatrical release of the film was not the original cut created by Hal Ashby. Due to disagreements, Lorimar produced his own version instead. The original was donated to the University of Southern California, where Jon Voight will find out while delivering a speech. This cup would then be released in 2009 by Warner Home Video on DVD.

Since the release of the original cut, an expanded version containing new scenes, the verdict on the film has changed. While still a bit dull at times and in fact not Ashby’s most notable work, it’s a good idea to watch Lookin to Get Out for its exceptional performance and pleasant simplicity. It might not win any awards, but it’s a charming production nonetheless.

Rediscover lookin to go out

We think Lookin to Get Out is a fun movie worth seeing at least once. While it lacks the depth and complexity of Ashby’s previous works, it nonetheless remains a lovely movie filled with light moments and exciting characters. Its simplistic plot allows actors to improvise and create something unique with their different interactions.

If you want to watch Lookin to Get Out, you can find it at Amazon Prime, Apple TV and Vudu for rent or streaming. Plus, you can find a physical copy on DVD if you prefer. Whichever you choose, the movie is readily available and easy to find.

Note that all current versions of the film are of the original Ashby cut so you can fully enjoy this passion project. It might not be one of the best gaming movies out there, but it’s definitely a lovely movie. With its fun performances and memorable characters, this movie is worth seeing.

Search the FAQ section

In this short section of our Lookin to Get Out movie review, we’ll answer any urgent questions you may have, eg where to watch it for yourself. You can also find additional details about its production and plot so that you can enjoy this movie to the fullest.

📖 Who wrote the screenplay for Lookin to Get Out 1982?

According to official information from the film, the script was written by Al Schwarz and Jon Voight, with that being Jon’s scriptwriting debut. The two met when Voight’s brother Chip Taylor showed up after Schwarz mentioned his film project to Chip. Voight is impressed with the initial script and decides to help him co-write it.

❓ Why did Alex and Jerry decide to go to Vegas?

The reason the pair are going to Vegas is central to the film’s main plot, as seen in the Lookin to Get Out trailer. Alex owes some bookmakers $ 10,000 and is due to pay them back soon. As a compulsive gambler, his best idea is to try to get the money back by scamming a casino.

🎥 Who played Alex Kovac in the movie Lookin to Get Out?

Among the many characters in the film, the main role of Alex Kovac is played by Jon Voight himself. When initially writing the script, he had no intention of playing the part for himself. The two writers struggled to find the right fit for the job and concluded that Voight would be perfect for the role.

🍿 How was the film received by the audience?

The initial reception of the film was incredibly poor. People weren’t happy with the simplistic plot and lackluster jokes, making the film a total flop upon release. However, with the newly discovered original cut, the film received a positive reception for its exceptional actors and memorable interactions with the characters. It is considered an overall pleasant experience.

📺 Where can I watch Lookin to Get Out?

With the new Ashby Movie Cut and Internet, you can easily watch the movie on your own. It’s available on Amazon Prime, Apple TV, and Vudu to stream and rent. In addition, you can find a copy on DVD if you prefer to have a physical version for your enjoyment.

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