Main Event Albert Knafo WPTDeepStacks Venetian ($ 532,392)

Main Event Albert Knafo WPTDeepStacks Venetian ($ 532,392)

Albert Knauf

The $ 2400 Main Event WPTDeepStacks Venice 2021 was the last major live poker event to create a prize pool of $ 3,288,600 with 1,512 entries. Albert Knaufu defeated Steven Sarmiento to win the WPTDeepStacks Award with a top prize of $ 532,395 and a prize $ 3,000 WPTDeepStacks Championship Package added for the winner.

A few months ago, many people in the poker world heard the name of Albert Knauf, who at the time had only one entry in a Hendon Mob profile.

A month ago, everything changed dramatically and Knaufu stood on the podium in the competition MSPT Venice Event No. 41: $ 1100 Unlimited maintenance Priced at $ 177,695. Last night, Knaufu collected a triple prize money and registered his name as the last champion in the history of WPTDeepStacks.

2021 WPTDeepStacks Venice Final Table Results

Location player Country Award
1 Albert Knauf United States $ 532,395 *
2 Steven Sarminto United States $ 383,595
3 Server sleeves United States $ 249,375
4 Doug Lada United States $ 185,275
5 Jim Gilbert United States $ 139,180
6 To Alzara United States $ 112,235
7 Shawn Daniels United States $ 91,865
8 Mark Bernal United States $ 73,250
9 Thomas Bowie Belgium $ 54,280

* $ 3,000 WPTDeepStacks championship pack added to the winner.

Final table action

According to updates on the WPT website, The last day started with 10 remaining hopes and soon reached the final table of 9 people. Kevin Astman The ten-year-old hit the cowboys in their arms To Alzara To be in tenth place with $ 54,280.

Sarmiento started the final table with a command chip that almost doubled that of its nearest rival, Elezra, and almost four times that of the final Knafo winner.

The cowboys also participated in the first elimination in the final table. During the first hand, Server sleeves Before the three bets got stuck in his pocket kings, he limped Thomas Bowie He was in ninth place with $ 54,480 after contact with eight people and brickwork.

A little later, the cowboys by Mark Bernal Sarmiento did not resist Ace Jack and was in eighth place with $ 73,250. Shawn Daniels It was not long before Bernal’s death came in seventh with $ 91,865. Daniels drew with Queen Ten, which was a draw with one, two and two cards, and could not get past Daniels, who started the game with a goal.

It was still hot and heavy, even if no players had been eliminated for a long time. Sarmiento boosted its chip by eliminating Alzra in sixth place with $ 112,235, when dozens of people succeeded against a large Alzara application.

Before Claro was eliminated, Knafo started to penalize with a double against Srur Jim Gilbert In fifth place with a price of $ 139,180 when his ace-nine was right against the king-ten.

Sarmiento was then eliminated with a flick Doug Lada In fourth place with a price of $ 185,275 when the Ace Queen advanced to the Ace against the seven-man Lada. Shortly afterwards, when King Jack’s own throne was overthrown, Nanafo’s server ousted him in third place with $ 249,375.

Knaufu comes from behind Sarmiento

Sarmiento clearly had more control over the final table and entered the uphill battle with almost twice as many Knafo chips. When it was finally held, Nafu went back and forth with a slight chip advantage.

WPTDeepStacks goes to Sochi

The next step is the tour WPTDeepStacks Sochi by live partypoker August 9-14 at the popular Casino Resort in Sochi, Russia. The festival has 13 event numbers highlighted by WPTDeepStacks Sochi Main Event 11 119,000 (160 $ ​​1605).

The Main Event has four starting flights before players continue for another two days until the next WPTDeepStacks Main Event champion is crowned.

Photo courtesy of WPT.

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