Must see: The poker player numbs the final table by calling to finish

Must see: The poker player numbs the final table by calling to finish

Troy Clogston Lone Star Poker Series

Last night, Pedro Rios Won event number 12 Lone Star Poker Series In a very impressive victory with a price of $ 9,447. But this is not a story that everyone talks about.

In a Stunning moment Seven hands on the final table, Troy Clegston knock out دون ایانگار In the hand that Clogeston called Every hand is running away, With PokerGO There is to record every moment.

Comes after flop prediction {8-}{9-}{10-}, He also picked up the cards on the turn and the river Including suits. Unfortunately, he finished third behind Rios and the runner-up Brandon Guzman.

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These competitions $ 400 Ultimate Monster At Lone Star Poker Series Which will be held from April 27 to May 3.

With seven players left, he equalized on the Clogston button that moved everything with him {ج-پیک}{j-Hearts}. Iangar was the short stack of the table and woke up in a big blind {a-Diamonds}{j-Clubs} And he wanted his tournament life.

When Clogston suggested flopping, the couple began arguing about hands and the possibility of emptying. {8-}{9-}{10-} Rainbow, it is obvious that both players are prepared with a direct draw without opening.

Then came the flop {8-Courier}{9-Heart}{10 Clubs}, Surprise others behind the table. “It’s strong,” said one desk member. “How did you do that?” He gave another opinion.


But Clogston is not done there. He turned to his desks and said, “Four shovels?” The seller burned and returned the device {4-courier}.

“What did I say now!” Said Clogston.

“Wow,” Iangar shouted as he held his head. “Has anyone called?” Said the final winner of Rios.

“He called the flop and the turn!” Another player replied.

Iyengar vs. Clogston


“So what comes over the river?” Someone asked Clogston.

“Without two hearts,” said “two hearts.” “Two hearts come and you just have to give me the matches.”

“Two hearts come and I go,” Rios replied.

River? {2-heart}.


He was at the last Indian table. PokerGO Interpreter Jeff Plott It exploded in the booth as the table practically emptied the table with the players.

Lone Star Poker Series
The remaining players empty the table in disbelief

Iyengar, lost, could just stand at the table and watch his chips through Clogston.

Don Iangar's reaction
Don Iangar is dumbfounded

“Is this the craziest thing you’ve ever seen?” Asked James Duke.

“He didn’t even hesitate,” said Jonathan Ajloni. “She was sure {2-heart}

Plott later tweeted that this was one of the “craziest things” you’ve ever seen in poker.

Watch the amazing PokerGO performance here! (Hands start at 1:30:45)

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