Old School Vs.  New School: Negreanu Analysis of $ 400K High Stakes Poker Hand vs Hansen

Old School Vs. New School: Negreanu Analysis of $ 400K High Stakes Poker Hand vs Hansen

Daniel Negriano

GGPoker Ambassador and winner of six WSOP gold bracelets Daniel Negriano Launched a new series called Old School VS New School Poker Analysis On his YouTube channel With his first episode, he examines an old hand that played a decade ago High Stock Poker Against Gus Hansen.

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Old School vs. New School

Negreanu poker analysis in this video focuses on breaking old hands between an old school mentality and a new school mentality.

Many in the poker world consider Negreanu’s old school, but may be looking for a battle against his epic bosses. Doug Pollock Which ended earlier this year

Although Polak crushed Narganio for $ 1.2 million, Neregano seemed to need to adopt a new school mentality to compete at the highest levels.

Perhaps this is where the new Negreanu series emerged, comparing the old school tactics that made him one of the most well-known names in the world of poker, with the new school tactics he has already used. .

Nereano and Hansen

The hand in question comes from there High Stock Poker With $ 400 / $ 800 curtain with $ 200 forecast. Negreanu collects $ 3,000 from under the gun {7 Clubs {{5 Clubs} And Gus Hansen Flat contacts with {q-Spades}{q-Diamonds} From the next position Jason Mercier {j-Clubs}{10-heart} Also calls in the large blind.

Mercier checks {7-Diamond}{5-courier}{2-courier} flop and Negreanu continue with two pairs for $ 6,500. Hansen reaches $ 21,000 and Mercier quickly equalizes. Negreanu then reaches $ 71,000 again. Hansen shovels and Nereano calls.

The couple agrees to run it twice, while Negreanu collects both pots on the floor. {5-heart}{8-heart} And {10-Diamond}{a-Spades} Tabloha

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Negreanu shares the analysis from two separate perspectives that serve as examples of how poker and poker analysis evolved.

“We’re going to look at it first through the old-school mentality, in terms of how people thought about poker a decade ago,” Negreanu said in the video. “Then we will do exactly the same thing, but with a much more modern game theory approach to the situation.”

You have to See the movie for yourself To find out exactly what Negreanu explains is different, but he says that different people take different things away from the video.

“For some of you, digging old school will be a lot easier because it ‘s a little easier, and it’ s easier to understand if you have never really studied at a deeper level,” explains Negreanu.

“For others, you will gain more value from a modern approach. For many new players, this is a lingo they use and their way of thinking about poker – and better yet, no question about that.”

Negreanu says more analysis will be done on the hands soon.

“During the years I have been playing, we will do other things that we can look forward to,” he says. “Some we will laugh at them, some we will cry and some we will encourage them!”

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