The Chip Race podcast celebrates its 100th anniversary with a special Unibet poker tournament

The Chip Race podcast celebrates its 100th anniversary with a special Unibet poker tournament

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To celebrate the 100th episode of the award-winning podcast “The Chip Race”, Unibet Poker Add a special 2-day PKO race with a € 3,500 prize.

Unibet World Ambassadors Dara Oakarni And David Lapin They had a € 250 ticket on their heads, as did regional ambassador Ian Simpson. In addition, seven former guests of The Chip Race – Brian Paris، I’m Vilinowski، Katie Swift، Samir Singh، Drag Davy، Jack Sinclair And Tom Hall – They had an extra € 100 ticket on their head.

If you have not yet watched the 100th episode of “The Chip Race”, this is the most downloaded episode and is played in it Doug Pollock، Jonathan ‘Apestyles’ Van Fleet، Ant Ocarol And someone from other poker podcasts.

Breaking the guarantee!

434 players took their place and made a prize of 40796 Euros. When a winner is crowned tonight, the player will receive € 3149 plus the lion’s share of the rewards.

If that was not enough, everyone who reviewed the event received a copy of ‘PKO Poker Strategy’ by Dara Oakney and Barry Carter.

Oddly enough, the three Unibet poker ambassadors O’Kearney, Lappin and Simpson put themselves on the same starting table, creating some early fireworks as O’Kearney’s best double-hitter in direct draw , A direct and open draw over Lappin, who became the first player to use his authorized re-entry.

Simpson, after KJ’s inability to face the AQ all-in on a K54 flap, sat down at the bench next to him, and then Lappin came back to him. All the while, O’Kearney was building a huge stack, happily collecting rewards by maintaining a position of 10 during Day 1.

Meanwhile, on the other tables, there was a massacre. Jason Tompkins He was one of the first to be removed. They were not far behind him PokerNews Live Report Manager Yuri Epskamp And PokerNews UK Editor Matthew Pete.

There were a lot of Irish in the field, as you would expect from a game that celebrates the top two. IPO Champion سیاران کونی We soon reached the breast for the second break, but it was not much beyond that Party professional Louise Butler, And WPO Champion Winamax Tom Kit.

Rebecca McAdam He made a big stack Mark Ohar, While in the same table is one of the stars of episode 100 Ant Ocarol It has made steady progress before replacing the AQ at 104.

The special blessings are Busto

Just before the fourth break, we lost most of Katie Swift’s special points, especially the bad luck when her pocket jacks were riveted {k-}{J-} Pre-flop everything Willy Elliott Build a stack early but eventually in the 105th. PokerNews Executive Editor Will Shillibier He scored three points but was eliminated in the 86th.

EPT Champion I’m Vilinowski He made life difficult for himself, he shortened very quickly, but he was a testament to his excellent structure, he had a lot of time to build his skills, and he built a 30 kg stack. As the bubble approached, he missed a big flip, however, 88 losses to AK. Moments later, the popular host of “The Rake” came in 73rd. WSOP Circuit winner Phil Huxley experienced a tough game but came on in the 68th.

Big names up to day 2

After the bubble burst, there were about 30 minutes left in game 1. The massacre is expected to fight only 39 players on Day 2. The leader of the overnight “LLinusLLomu” chip is the regular Unibet Poker with 149,078 chips, but most of them are among the remaining warriors in the field, an Irish three-man player with a connection to the “Chip Race”.

Host Dara Ukrainy advanced with 22,798 chips and is ranked 34th. Two-time UKIPT Leaderboard champion and former showmaker Daragh Davey is in 8th place with 87,043 chips. Former guest Rebecca McAdam is in 32nd place with 25,780 chips.

No matter what happens tomorrow, the tournament was a huge success, breaking your € 30,000 guarantee, giving you € 40,796 plus bonuses and 53 copies of the PKO Poker strategy. The Chip Race team is accustomed to performing well, and with these special competitions, they stay in shape.

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