Tommy Gun Vendetta

Tommy Gun Vendetta

The latest version of Red Rake Gaming’s network-wide slots game, based and licensed in Spain and Malta, is Tommy Gun’s Vendetta.

Tommy Gun’s Vendetta features a 6 × 10 Video Slot with the popular “1 Million Ways to Win” feature, a free spins feature, and three accumulators that provide access to a mini-game.

Red Rake Gaming, which started in the social casino space in 2011, moved to real money online casinos in 2015, is slowly building a reputation for producing innovative and first-rate slot games. view, it looks like they might have a hit with Tommy Gun’s Vendetta.

This Video Slot transports the player to a troubled post-war nation, where Tommy and his street gang rule the city. One of the features of this slot machine game is the weapon symbols (Tommy duster, knife and gun), the goal of which is to smash and turn other symbols into big wins.

Another cool feature is the tobacco, drink and gold symbols, which add to the percentage in the panels after each spin.

When you complete the progress bar for each of these panels, the corresponding mini-game is launched where the dark symbols spin and turn into tobacco, drink, or gold (as the case may be) and award big wins.

Multipliers of x2, x3, or x5 may also appear during this feature, increasing your minigame payout accordingly.

If 5 or more answers log in during the regular function, you have access to the “Free Spins” function. Spins with winning combinations activate BONUS panel items next to the reels.

Once all are activated, the free spins feature will be launched. It will initially start with 10 free spins, and this can be increased to a maximum of 20 free spins.

Additionally, Tommy Gun’s Vendetta has been added to the Red Rake Gaming tournament tool.

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