Unibet Online Series XII is underway with Freerolls, Leaderboard Awards and more

Unibet Online Series XII is underway with Freerolls, Leaderboard Awards and more

Unibet Poker Series Online

Unibet Poker Ambassador Ian Simpson Is back to deliver the lowest Unibet Series XII online price that started this weekend. Be sure to check out his guide to the latest Unibet Poker upgrade.

The Unibet signature series is back with a € 650,000 guarantee. This amount is 350,000 euros less than the previous iterations of our online collections. So does that mean they are not that good?

of course not! It’s just that we’ve made a fundamental change that makes leaderboards accessible to more players, making serials instead of three weeks to two weeks. It will run all month Until May 31.

Balancing home life with poker

Looking at my personal situation, having a wife and children but a professional poker player, I still could not break a whole series of three weeks. I have only been away from my loved ones for a long time. At the time of writing, I have only spent the last 48 hours directly with my daughter in the hospital, and now that I feel at home with Amzi spending the night with her, I miss her. Three weeks is a long way from them, never mind the logistics behind it. Two weeks of live poker for us as a family means that Emzzy covers the bed almost every night and the kindergarten loves my beloved daughter on Thursdays. Although this is a big request from my wife, it can be controlled according to the potential benefit of the offer. I think a lot of recreational players and other professionals alike have similar life commitments, so I hope a two-week long series can do the hard work.

Ian Simpson

The Unibet online series is back

So, what are we waiting for you for the twelfth? Unibet online series? Well, as always, we host the right purchases for every caliber of players. So no matter how nano, low, medium or high you play, we will cover you. For each purchase there is a leaderboard in the range as well as a general leaderboard (not including nano competitions). Overall, we offer a € 23,000 Leader Board Award and additional free rolls, and we get this combination with sealed guarantees.

General Leaders Awards

Here are the top five payouts on the Unibet Poker Online Series XII Leaderboard in general, but there are prizes up to 50 prizes – check them out here Unibet online series website.

ranking Extra points Cash value
1 200000 2000 Euros
2 170,000 1700 Euro
3 140,000 1400 Euros
4 110,000 1100 Euros
5 80,000 800 euros

We also have very good competitions in “excellent” competitions. We will start on Sunday, May 16th with a guaranteed € 100,000 purchase of € 35,000. Every Tuesday and every Thursday we have a Big Bang roller, a € 200 freezer with a € 10,000 guarantee, with Thursday versions of the PKO. The € 300 roller is guaranteed € 25,000 and will take place on 23 May. The icing on the cake, of course, is the Unibet Open Main Event. Buy 1100 Euros with a guarantee of 200000 Euros. We also offer many satellites for each of these events, so you can get in at a fraction of the price.

Furthermore , David Lapin He never mentions at any time that he is the only Unibet ambassador to win our board of directors. So if the poker gods want it, I want to take these little braggarts from him.

Download Unibet Poker and get your € 200 bonus

To try Unibet Poker version 3., you will need a Unibet Poker account. You who have one, go right! If you do not have an account, Download Unibet Poker via PokerNews For a welcome prize worth 200 euros.

Unibet rewards you with hard and cold cash every time you reach certain milestones. For example, when you get 2 euros, you get 1 euro, and when you get 10 euros, you get 4 extra euros.

the level gravel rake, rake Cash rewards Award %
1 2 Euros 1 Euro 50 ٪
2 10 Euros 4 Euros 40 ٪
3 50 euros 15 euros 30 ٪
4 150 euros 40 euros 27 ٪
5 € 588 140 euros 25%

The bonus expires 60 days after you create your account, so keep working and see how much cash you can earn.

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