Will the WSOP move to Bally’s from 2022 onwards?

Will the WSOP move to Bally’s from 2022 onwards?

Bali and Paris, Las Vegas

Hotel and Casino All Rio Suites Since September 30, when poker players from all over the world are swamped World Series of Poker 2021 (WSOP) It starts with the first three events of the 88 scheduled events. If Rio is believed to be hosting the WSOP, it is the last time it is believed.

Rio has been the sole host of the WSOP since 2005. This is not the most beautiful and luxurious place in Las Vegas, but performing 15 WSOPs means drowning in the history of poker. Doubts arose about hosting the WSOP in Rio in September 2019 after it sold $ 516.3 million to the real estate of New York-based imperial companies.

WSOP Vice President of Communications Set Palanski, Took action to dispel the rumors quickly, tweeting “Will 100% WSOP approval be confirmed in Rio Las Vegas by 2020?”

Palanski spoke in an interview with the upcoming WSOP CardPlayer“People need to be confident that WSOP 2021 will be in Rio as well,” he said.

Of course, the WSOP, as we know it, never happened in 2020 due to the COVID-19 epidemic. The 2021 version, however, is set to run from September 30 to November 23.

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The new WSOP home was revealed by an unlikely source

News of the WSOP transfer to Bali was released in the famous Las Vegas Bar from the most unlikely sources.

National League 8 Ball League (VNLA) Posted Updated its Facebook page. VNEA usually holds its annual championship in Bally, but will move to Westgate, Las Vegas from 2022 onwards.

“VNEA’s long-term contract with Bally’s Hotel & Casino was abruptly canceled by Bali due to the transfer of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) from Rio to Bali / Paris Real Estate in 2022 and beyond,” the statement said.

Palanski and no one else from the WSOP commented at the time of writing.

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The future of Rio

Caesar retained the right to host the WSOP as part of Rio’s $ 516.3 million contract. The deal was for Caesar to continue working in Rio for at least two years while paying $ 45 million for a lease. Rio owners, Royal companies, Have the right to pay Caesar $ 7 million to renew the lease under similar conditions for the third year.

Imperial does not seem to be using that option. Instead, Rio is set to become a Hyatt Regency hotel.

The delegation issued a press release in March 2021 “More than 25,100 rooms in Rio Las Vegas will be remodeled and renamed into several full-fledged Hyatt service brand flags, from renovations to existing public spaces, including games, retail, food and beverage, spas and fitness decks,” he said. Swimming pool. “

One of the available towers is Rio to become A Regency staff hotel with 1,501 rooms. Other Rio guest rooms are to be remodeled before being branded or affiliated with one or more of your other service brands.

Rumors circulating in 2019 suggest that the WSOP could move in a new direction Caesar Conference Center Located on the other side of Caesar Palace Street. Transfer to Bali It seems a more likely option because it frees up the convention center.

Bali has approximately 175,000 square feet of space while it is a neighbor Paris Has an additional 140,000 square feet, including over 85,000 in the columnless ballroom. The two adjacent properties are connected by a corridor, making it easy for both players and staff to move. Both Bali and Paris are owned by Casarez.

Players are accustomed to moving between rooms in Rio because The WSOP uses three rooms With a combined combined space of approximately 235,000 square feet.

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