3 Epic Pots from The Lodge’s Friday Night 12-Hour Poker Stream

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During Friday night’s marathon stream, the Lodge Live cracked 100,000 YouTube subscribers while the Texas poker room’s owner, Doug Polkwon nearly $500,000.

The game, which started as $200/$400 no-limit hold’em became $500/$1,000 as the drinks kept flowing, featured a stacked lineup that included Ben Lamb, Bill Perkins, Dan “Jungleman” Cates, Keith Tilstonand Robbi Jade Lew.

Lew, who played in three consecutive live streams at The Lodge Card Club, busted her first $60,000 bullet before rebuying for $40,000. She didn’t erase the entire deficit, but did make up some ground and finished down $36,200. Perkins, who appeared on this week’s High Stakes Poker episode, started off crushing it to the tune of a $200,000 profit before coming back to the pack. Still, he ended the 12-hour session with an $88,000 win.

Cates and Lamb, however, would probably like to forget about their Friday night in Austin, Texas. They were the two biggest losers in the game, in the red by a combined $566,000.

Check out the three most thrilling pots from the memorable live stream.

Nate Silver Gets Crushed at The Lodge

Brutal Cooler for Robbi

robbi jade lev

Lew raised from an early position to $3,200 with {7-Diamonds}{7 clubs} before Tilston, in the small blind, called with {q-Diamonds}{9-Diamonds}as did Perkins in the straddle with {a clubs}{10 clubs}. The flop came out {10-Diamonds}{k-Diamonds}{7-Spades}just about the most action-packed flop imaginable.

Action checked around and Tilston hit his straight when the {j Hearts} appeared. Not wanting to slow-play, he fired out a bet of $5,000 before Perkins made an interesting raise to $15,000. Lew then moved all in for $64,800 with a set, and Tilston made the call having her covered. Perkins, of course, folded his pair.

The two players remaining in the hand agreed to run it twice for the $155,800 pot, neither run-out pairing the board, which meant Tilston took down the entire pot.

Polk’s Straight Flush Cracks “Jungleman’s” Queens

doug polk dan cates poker

This hand began with Polk raising to $2,000 initially with {7 clubs}{5 clubs} and then calling when Cates three-bet him to $7,000 with {q spades}{q Hearts}. The flop came out {9 clubs}{6-Diamonds}{3-Spades}safe for “Jungleman” at first glance, although he had to be a little concerned with some backdoor draws.

the Lodge co-owner checked and then called a bet of $5,500 to see the {6 clubs} on the turn give him a straight flush draw. He checked again, inducing his opponent to bet, this time for $21,500, leaving $58,500 behind.

Polk took a moment to ponder his move before announcing “all in.” Cates didn’t take long before calling with the best hand at the time, and they agreed to run it twice. On the first river run out, the {8 clubs} completed the straight flush and then the {8 Hearts} gave Polk just a boring old straight the second time, and he scooped the full $185,800 pot.

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Polk Can’t Decide What to Do So He Flips a Coin

When in doubt at the poker table, just flip a coin. That’s exactly what Polk opted for when faced a tough river decision against Perkins, whom he’d recently lost $200,000 to in a year-long body fat loss prop bet.

With $79,400 in the pot on a board of {2-Diamonds}{9-Diamonds}{4 Hearts}{8-Spades}{6-Diamonds}Polk, with {q Hearts}{8 Hearts}faced a bet of $25,000 from Perkins, who was kind of sort of bluffing with {k clubs}{6 clubs}.

That’s a tough decision to make even, so Polk understandably went into the tank. After a few minutes, he decided that he would let the flip of a button determine his play. If it lands on one side, he’d call and the other side he’d fold. the Upswing Poker founder let it be known that his word was binding, so Perkins comfortably turned over his cards to show. We won’t spoil this one for you so you can watch the following video to see how it all played out.

The Lodge was back in action Saturday evening with another $200/$400 game that will likely once again run deep into the night or early hours of Sunday morning.


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