888poker will pay $250,000 out of pocket to players who were cheated by bots and RTA users


The usage of RTA (real-time assistance) Software, particularly in the online poker community, is a widespread problem that is increasingly on the rise.

888pokeras one of the leading companies in the poker industry, is actively tackling this challenge for the benefit of its players.

During 2023, 888poker will refund $362,893 for 4,068 players who fell victim to opponents using AI software in the form of bots or RTA, highlighting its commitment to player protection.

888poker’s vigilant stance against bots!

It is obvious that RTA tools provide an unfair advantage at the poker table. For this reason, 888poker has taken the responsibility to crack down on players who use this AI technology.

As part of this prosecution, 888poker took action against 161 accounts in 2023 that were using AI software (bots/RTA).

The platform remains committed to continuing the fight in 2024 and ensuring that all players have a level playing field when participating in a game.

888poker’s promise of fair and responsible gaming

The commitment to implementing new technologies to combat bots remains central to 888poker’s efforts to provide a safe, fair and enjoyable poker experience for all players.

Continuing the push until 2024, Matan Krakow, Head of Poker at 888pokerexpressed commitment to addressing responsible gambling issues in online poker:

“Our continued progress in the fight against bots is based on the understanding that this is critical to ensuring that 888poker continues to provide a comfortable, safe and level playing field for all of our players.”

“This is due not only to our increased investment in our detection capabilities, but also to the continued support and collaboration of our players, who play an important role in providing us with important information about players they believe are AI and RTA use “.

“It is important for us not only to detect and ban accounts using AI, but also to ensure that players who have lost through accounts using illegal software are adequately compensated. This year we paid players approximately $250,000 out of pocket, although it was not possible to withhold the funds from blocked accounts.”

“We continue to consult with consultants who are world-class in hand history analysis and non-human pattern recognition. Based on the feedback we receive, we understand that after a lot of work has been done in this area over the past few years, 888 is in very good condition compared to our competitors in this area and has a clean and safe gaming environment .”

“It is an ongoing effort and we will continue to do everything we can to keep poker fun and fair, and listening to our players will continue to be a key factor in progress on this front.”


  • 888poker refunded $362,893 to 4,068 players who were victims of opponents using AI software in the form of bots or RTA

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