Doug Polk on Joe Ingram’s Poker Podcasting Return: Come Play at The Lodge, Mike Postle

Joe Ingram Poker Podcast

Joey Ingramperhaps the most popular poker podcaster of all time, returned to the podcast streets on Monday for an entertaining discussion Doug Polkwho made a bold offer to the accused poker cheater Mike Postle.

In an unrelated note, Postle offered a surprise random public appearance last week for an X Spaces talk. During that discussion, which lasted about two hours, he repeated his longstanding denial that he cheated on Stones live streams in 2018 and 2019. Veronica Brillthe Stones player and commentator, who originally made the allegations in September 2019, then shot back with one long statement To PokerNews.

Polk calls for charges for alleged poker cheating

Mike Postle Poker Cheat
Mike Postle

The interview with Polk on Ingram’s Power Poker Podcastearlier the Poker Life PodcastIt wasn’t just about poker. They discussed numerous topics such as the upcoming one $1 million buy-in Hustler Casino Live game, the ongoing bot issues at ACR Poker, the current state of poker content, and other topics.

But the most exciting of all the topics discussed was Postle. More specifically, an intriguing offer that Polk made for them Accused fraudster That would definitely attract viewers.

“If you can hold your own Stones arcade, you can have a good time down here in the lodge. We’re going to make sure we keep an eye on everything and it’s done fairly, assuming the players want to play with Mike Postle, and then let’s see if he can get it back,” Polk offered Postle a challenge.

Polk is co-owner of The Lodge Card Club near Austin, the largest poker room in Texas with over 80 card tables. The Lodge hosts a popular stream with 168,000 subscribers, the second largest in the area Hustler Casino Live (322,000 subscribers).

“If he comes anywhere close to (his Stone Live win percentage), I’m willing to eat my own words while he takes my money,” Polk Postle offered.

Can Polk lure Postle to play?

Doug Polk Joey Ingram
Doug Polk

During the poker-wide investigation into Postle fraud allegations in 2019, Polk and Ingram were two of the most prominent figures to delve deeply into the Stones Live hand history.

Polk reiterated his thoughts on the situation to Ingram, saying, “The guy clearly cheated.”

“Either he’s the greatest gift poker has ever seen, or he’s cheating. Let’s clear this up on paper. I would love to host it,” Polk said of Postle.

He wasn’t kidding and made it clear that he would allow Postle to showcase his skills on The Lodge stream. But he also gave a dire prediction for those who would like to see it happen.

“Do you know what’s going to happen, Joey? He won’t win nearly as much as he did before. Instead, he won’t talk to me about it. Or lose. Or win small. He won’t be the best poker player of all time, and I hope he brings his hat with him, because there won’t be anything at The Lodge to help him at this stage. I’ll tell you straight away,” Polk expects.

Postle has not appeared on a livestream since September 2019, when Brill accused him of cheating. However, he made one Deep run in a tournament in Mississippi last January, resulting in a seventh-place finish for $32,703.

Polk, once a regular at the Poker Life Podcastand Ingram talked for about two hours (full conversation below).


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