PokerNews Podcast Special: Tom Dwan gives detailed interview on debt allegations


In the 820th episode of the PokerNews podcast, Chad Holloway sat down with Tom “durrrr” Dwan for a 45-minute in-depth conversation about the recent debt allegations against him Peter Jetten And Haralabos Voulgaris.

Jetten, who has more than $9.3 million in cash from The Hendon Mob, was the first to accuse Dwan of failing to pay his debts. He did so on February 18 when he wrote: “I would caution against doing business with Tom Dwan. He has owed me 226,000 for four years and continues to use delaying tactics to avoid payments.”

Find out what Dwan had to say about the entire situation, which you can read in full here.

Oh, and did you know that PokerNews Podcast is no longer just audio? That’s right, we’ve also added a video show for you to watch The PokerNews Youtube channel.

time stamp

Time Theme
00:23 introduction
00:33 Dwan laughs at “JMo” ripping up Chad’s interview
01:51 Durrrr thinks people have “gotcha” stuff on social media
02:38 Jetten says Dwan owes him $226,000
04:19 Explains why he doesn’t think Jetten is right
06:18 Denies owing Jetten the full amount
11:13 Discussion of the possibility of arbitration with Jetten
16:08 Dwan doesn’t want to talk about Haralabos yet
6:03 p.m Says Jetten is not acting in good faith
18:34 Claims Jetten owes him money
9:13 p.m Briefly addresses problems with Jungleman
24:43 Start talking about Haralabos Voulgaris
30:41 Denies owes Voulgaris $350,000
36:57 Admits he mishandled the Jungleman dispute at times
41:23 Dwan says cheating in poker is a problem
42:53 Discussion about Dwan’s signing with ACR Poker

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Chad Holloway

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Editor-in-Chief USA, co-host of the PokerNews Podcast and 2013 WSOP bracelet winner.

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