Rolle Reels in Another Considerable GGPoker Score This Weekend

Benjamin Rolle

Benjamin Rolle goal up GGPoker’s biggest tournaments during a purple patch of form in February and March. Rolle won the prestigious Super MILLION$ for $424,580, triumphed in the $25,500 Sunday Million Super HR for $393,222, and binked the $5,250 Bounty Hunters Super High Rollers for $76,724. This weekend, Rolle came out on top in the Battle of Malta edition of the €1,050 Sunday High Rollers Main Event and helped himself to another €78,613.

Some 408 players bought into this tournament and created a €408,000 prize pool. All but one of the nine finalists saw their €1,050 investment swell into a five-figure sum; Yinsheng “lucky428” Yang‘s ninth place finish came with a €7,916 payday.

Canada’s Alexandre “raking-even” Raymond busted in eighth for €10,557 before “Mengimbangi” other Gytis Lazauninkas crashed out and helped themselves to €14,078 and €18,773 respectively.

Fifth place and €25,035 went to “karol0824” of Japan before Montenegro’s “take away” Fell in fourth and got their hands on €33,385. Heads up was set when “CheekySleek,” all the way from New Zealand, ran out of steam in third, a finish good for €44,519.

Rolle and Japanese grinder “URAURA” fought it out one-on-one for the title and the lion’s share of the prize pool. Rolle got the job done, meaning the popular poker coach received €78,613 and resigned his heads-up opponent to a €59,638 consolation prize.

€1,050 Sunday High Rollers Main Event (BoM Edition) Final Table Results

Place player Country Prize
1 Benjamin Rolle Austria €78,613
2 URAURA Japan €59,368
3 CheekySleek New Zealand €44,519
4 takemeaway Montenegro €33,385
5 Karol0824 Japan €25,035
6 Gytis Lazauninkas Poland €18,773
7 Mengimbangi Netherlands €14,078
8th Alexandre “raking-even” Raymond Canada €10,557
9 Yinsheng “lucky428” Yang UAE €7,916

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Bernardo Soares turns $150 into $57,510

Brazil’s Bernado Soares turned $150 into a bankroll-padding $57,510 by taking down the GGMasters tournament. This week’s event drew in 3,491 entrants, meaning GGPoker was left nursing a near $20,000 overlay, not that those who finished in the money places cared!

Two Brazilians, “bob marley” other “antholog,” were the first casualties of the final table; they banked prizes of $5,751 and $7,669. Everyone else locked in a five-figure prize following the latter’s exit.

“1GIRL2CUPS” other “SuperQQ” saw their tournaments end abruptly and they scooped up $10,227 and $13,637 scores. Dutch star “SheldonLiTufi” exited in fifth for $18,186 before João “sydens” Oliveira other “izigame” dusted off their stacks, finishes worth $24,252 and $32,340.

Heads up pitted Soares against “Mirkuly” of Canada. Neither player struck a deal, resulting in a $43,127 runner-up prize for “Mirkuly” and an impressive $57,510 for $57,510.

$150 GGMasters Final Table Results

Place player Country Prize
1 Bernardo Soares Brazil $57,510
2 Mirkuly Canada $43,127
3 izigame Belarus $32,340
4 João “sydens” Oliveira Brazil $24,252
5 SheldonLiTufi Netherlands $18,186
6 SuperQQ Montenegro $13,637
7 1GIRL2CUPS Canada $10,227
8th anthologg Brazil $7,669
9 bobmarley Brazil $5,751

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Other GGPoker Results

Claas Segebrecht
Claas Segebrecht

Damir “TiltTanik” Zhugralin won the biggest prize at GGPoker this weekend after he received $104,949 for winning the $1,050 GGMasters High Rollers. John “Sheppard Pie” Bakalis reeled in an $86,058 haul for his victory in the $525 Bounty Hunters HR Main Event, while Claas Segebrecht is $57,740 richer after winning the $5,250 Bounty Hunters Super High Roller.

  • Damir “TiltTanik” Zhugralin – winner of the $1,050 GGMasters High Rollers for $104,949
  • John “SheppardPie” Bakalis – winner of the $525 Bounty Hunters HR Main Event for $86,058*
  • Claas Segebrecht – winner of the $5,250 Bounty Hunters Super High Roller for $57,740*
  • Isujimi – winner of the €110 King’s Landing Opener (BoM) for $€47,147
  • Andrey Kotelnikov – winner of the $315 GGMasters Bounty for $46,936*
  • Matheus “Mazinho” Rodrigues – winner of the $250 Sunday Main Event for $28,408
  • Oihan “VIVAGGPOKER” Abarzuza – winner of the $210 Bounty Hunters Sunday Big Game for $26,381*
  • Tom “Tom_Poker_NL” Talboom – winner of the €250 Grand Prix Europe (BoM) for €25,442
  • Andras Nemeth – winner of the $840 Sunday High Rollers Bounty Special for $22,191*
  • Joris Ruijs – winner of the $777 Sunday Lucky Sevens for $16,364
  • Lucio “WizardOfAz” Lima – winner o the $888 Sunday Crazy Eights HR for $16,036
  • capsil304 – winner of the $300 Sunday Marathon for $14,592
  • Matheus “patimdopoker” Rocha – winner of the $126 Bounty Hunters Sunday Special for $13,731*
  • Ami Barer – winner of the $125 Sunday Kick-Off for $12,972

*includes bounty payments


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