“YamaaKK” Takes Down Latest 888poker $100K Mystery Bounty Main Event ($8,244)

Mystery Bounty

The latest $100,000 guaranteed mystery bounty main event on 888poker wrapped on Monday, April 17, with the format continuing to provide excellent action for users of the platform. Mystery Bounty tournaments have found a spiritual home on 888poker, with Pot Limit Omaha editions of the event running daily on the site as well.

Taking top spot for this week was Brazil’s “YamaaKK”, who pocketed the $7,771 first-place prize and a further $473 in bounties for a final score of $8,244. However, the big winner was the British-based player “d5t6y7” as they captured the top bounty prize of $10,000, along with a further $525 in bounties. “d5t6y7” also managed to finish the tournament in 10th place for $572 to bring his final tally to $11,097.

The $100,000 guarantee was narrowly surpassed, with the prize pool being confirmed at $100,200, thanks to the 804 players and 198 rebuys.

Final table results

Place player Country Prize bounties Total
1 “YamaaKK” Brazil $7,771 $473 $8,244
2 “topdoll827” Sweden $5,668 $688 $6,356
3 “Cavalito_” Brazil $4,167 $1,083 $5,250
4 “coutopkr” Brazil $3,087 $1,408 $4,495
5 “Paradigm21” United Kingdom $2,284 $1,272 $3,556
6 “8ate8” N / A $1,707 $1,005 $2,712
7 “ob1wahn” Germany $1,285 $682 $1,967
8th “Nakkinen123” Finland $974 $208 $1,182
9 “alligator boy” Germany $743 $643 $1,386

Final table action

As usual, the action from the the final table was broadcasted on the 888pokerTVthe platform’s Twitch channel with cards up coverage from David Tuchman other Nick Wealthall.

The first player to leave the final table was “alligator boy”who got in his stack preflop with pocket kings and was up against the pocket queens held by eventual runner-up “topdoll827”. A queen on the flop gave the latter a set, and they held out to secure the pot and elimination.

“YamaaKK” bagged their first final table casually of the session after downing “Nakkinen123”. “YamaaKK” opened with queen-nine offsuit from the button, and “Nakkinen123” called from the big blind with king-jack. On the KT-2 flop, “Nakkinen123” check-called a small bet which brought in a jack on the turn. “Nakkinen123” improved to two pair but was now behind the straight of “YamaaKK”. All the chips then went into the middle, and “Nakkinen123” failed to boat up to survive.

“ob1wahn” was then left as the short stack after their ace-king was outflopped by the ace-deuce of “Paradigm21” in a blind versus blind battle. The very next hand, they were all in preflop with queen-jack, and they were up against the queen-five of “coutopkr”. A five on the flop was enough for the latter to win the hand, and “ob1wahn” bowed out in seventh place.

The aptly named “8ate8” what next to depart the final table. They got involved in a classic flip against “YamaaKK”. The former held pocket jacks while the eventual winner had ace-king suited. “YamaaKK” rivered a flush to secure the checkmark and bring the tournament to its final five players.

Soon after, “YamaaKK” made it a trio of final table eliminations after seeing off “Paradigm21” with jack-ten. “YamaaKK” hit the river again to pair up and leapfrog their opponent’s pair of sevens.

“YamaaKK” then got into another jacks versus ace-king race against compatriot “coutopkr”. This time around, “YamaaKK” held the pocket pair it remained best following the runout.

“Cavalito_” who had just 1.9 big blinds when the previous hand played out managed to ladder to third place but would soon follow “coutopkr” out of the virtual door.

“YamaaKK” went into heads-up play with a near 4:1 chip lead, but it wasn’t plain sailing as the chip lead changed hands several times. Nonetheless, “YamaaKK” managed to wrestle back the advantage. On the final hand of the night, they limped in with pocket kings and then snap-called when “topdoll827” jammed their final ten big blinds with jack-eight. “topdoll827” found a jack on the turn but was unable to improve on the river, confirming his runner’s up finish.

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