14 Social Media Influencers to Star in WSOP Poker Epic

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Poker fans are in for a treat after the WSOP announced an eight-month long epic in which WSOP greats will coach 14 social media influencers ahead of a December showdown in an undisclosed US location. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Epic, eight-month showdown

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) has announced an epic, eight-month poker showdown starring 14 social media influencers coached by WSOP mentors. According to an official news release Thursday, WSOP will roll-out the first phase of its Road To The Table initiative this week via Instagram.

influencers will team up with some of the world’s top WSOP players

Split into five times, the 14 social media influencers will team up with some of the world’s top WSOP players. These seasoned mentors will then help the influencers “master the game and become poker legends,” stated Playtika, a division of WSOP’s parent brand Caesars Interactive Entertainment.

WSOP general manager Guy Ceder said the initiative aims to “bring the love for poker and WSOP to a wider audience and show people just how much fun playing poker can be.”

Road to the table

WSOP will reveal the identities of the 14 mystery influencers live on Instagram this week. According to the news releaseviewers will get to see the influencers “open their secret WSOP boxes to reveal their competitors.”

The 14 social media celebrities hail from a mix of content realms, from gaming, comedy, and filmmaking, to automotive, sports, and fitness.

The eight-month tournament will build up to a December 2022 poker showdown in which the five teams will go head-to-head at an undisclosed location in the US. Playtika states the Road To The Table will also give poker fans access to live videos and opportunities to interact with WSOP legends and the social media celebrities.

Feel good poker push

Ceder has expressed great excitement at rolling out the “unique eight-month-long campaign.” He also expressed his firm’s hope that WSOP players are “excited for this new adventure and that they will pick up a few new poker skills and tricks from our soon-to-be poker legends.”

multiple recent stories leaving a bitter taste in the mouth

Despite the optimism of Ceder, the news of the new campaign comes at a turbulent time for official WSOP partner GGPoker, with multiple recent stories leaving a bitter taste in the mouth.

Controversial events include Bryn Kenney’s evasiveness in addressing accusations of cheating. Poker player Lauren Roberts has also claimed GGPoker broke the law by fostering and facilitating some of Kenney’s activities. The firm also took a hit for its decision to keep Dan Bilzerian on as a brand ambassador despite his appalling attitude towards women, empty promises, and general bad press.


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