Ante Up for Adventure: The 5 best reasons to experience 888poker LIVE events

888poker LIVE

There is a lot to look forward to over the course of the calendar year 888poker. Not only does it have a full season of 888poker LIVE Events are already planned, but the brand has also launched one UK Poker Leaguewhich has been a success so far.

And as the countdown begins to their festival in Bucharest (March 16-24), we thought we’d ask the 888poker ambassadors why poker players of all stripes should consider a stop at 888 for their next poker adventure. From the bustling poker tables to exploring enchanting cities, the 888poker LIVE tour offers a multi-faceted appeal that goes beyond the cards.

1. Exciting poker action with juicy prize pools

Ian Simpson

Ian Simpson, an 888poker Ambassador, emphasizes the heart of the experience – the poker itself. “The main events are well attended, with between 300 and over 600 participants, generating hefty prize pools for players to jump into,” notes Simpson. “The festivals also offer extensive side events. From $2,000 high rollers to $100 tournaments, most players can find something that fits their budget and bring in a little more volume if they fail in the main event.”

Ambassador Vivian Saliba also cited the poker action as one of her favorite aspects of the tour and avid card sharks should take note of her comments.

“888poker live tournaments are great EV, [there are] so many cool events. I always take part in the Main Event and the High Roller.

2. Unique travel destinations and cultural exploration

Vivian Saliba

Saliba and Simpson also praise the diverse destinations the tour visits. “The combination of poker and traveling is my favorite way to visit places,” said Saliba. From the vibrant summer atmosphere of Barcelona to the rich history of London to the cultural delights of Madrid and Bucharest, the tour offers a mix of poker and cultural exploration.

“Aside from poker, we visit some fantastic cities on the tour. My favorite so far has been Madrid, which offers picturesque scenery and good food,” Simpson added.

3. Intimate and social environment

Comparing the experience to the WSOP, 888poker StreamTeam member Aaron Barone highlights the more intimate nature of 888poker LIVE events.

Lucia Navarro and Aaron Barone
888poker ambassadors Lucia Navarro and Aaron Barone

“All the events in Coventry took place in the same area in one location. I never got lost once!” Barone explains. The close proximity between events fosters a stronger connection between players and transforms Poker for Barons from a primarily online experience to a social and collaborative one.

“888Poker Live Events allowed me to be surrounded by other people who, like me, love the game of poker. And while it may not have been the WSOP, it was definitely a magical experience in its own right.”

4. Prestigious trophies and live final table experience

Saliba emphasizes the appeal of taking home an iconic trophy in the shape of an “8”. “Winning a live poker tournament is very prestigious and playing at a live final table is certainly an unforgettable experience,” she notes. The opportunity to display an 888poker trophy at home adds even more pride to participants.

888poker LIVE Trophy

5. Build ties with the 888poker community

Saliba’s final point highlights the importance of community and connection. “Get to know the 888poker team and build bonds and connections with the community,” she encourages. The events offer players a unique opportunity to interact with ambassadors, streamers and the entire 888poker staff, creating lasting connections within the poker community.

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