Authorities Discover Gambling Machines During Drug Bust

Elderly woman behind bars

Law enforcement discovered six illegal gambling machines during a drug bust in an Alabama pool hall and arrested three women. [Image:]

Law enforcement officers were carrying out a drug bust in Alabama when they stumbled across an illegal gambling operation. During a search at a pool hall on Tuesday, they discovered six “cherry picker” gambling machines. They also seized gambling records, notes, and cash.

Deputies also found cocaine and ecstasy at the property.

According to Mobile County Sheriff Paul Burch, people would use these machines and return another day to collect any winnings. The authorities Arrested three women who reportedly work at the pool hall, including an 82-year-old who now faces gambling-related charges. Deputies also found cocaine and ecstasy at the property.

The search originated because of complaints people were making about drug sales at the property and individuals driving away at high speeds.


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