Baccarat dealer repaired $124,000 worth of casino games

Baccarat table

A Mohegan Sun baccarat dealer is in trouble after he allegedly fixed games and helped a player win $124,260. [Image:]

A baccarat dealer at Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut is accused of fixing games that cost the property about $124,000. A mine manager became suspicious of Yu Wen Fu’s handling of maps on April 21 and reported these concerns to the property’s monitoring team.

This led to the discovery that the 64-year-old was setting up the deck whenever a particular player approached his table. Instead of “washing” the cards face down before a new round, he would often look at a few and arrange them in a specific order at the top of the deck before signaling to a player named Haoen Jiang.

He won up to $29,835 in a single session

The casino notified tribal police about the fraud, and authorities searched footage of games involving the two suspects dating back a month. They found cases where Jiang won up to $29,835 and a total of $124,260 in a single session.

No charges will be brought against the player; He claimed not to know the dealer even though he had Fu’s number in his phone. Fu also denies knowing the player and denies cheating in any way. He claimed that cards were sometimes accidentally revealed during washing and emphasized that he did not intentionally rearrange the cards.

The casino suspended the dealer pending an ongoing investigation, and police arrested him in November and charged him with multiple counts of theft.


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