Gaming manager looking at the Latin American market

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According to the CEO of Fifth Street Gaming, the Latin American online gambling market is untapped. [Image:]

An industry panel at an event in New York looked at the future of online gambling in the US. Steve Schorr, CEO of Fifth Street Gaming, and Oliver Bartlett, Vice President of Gaming Product at BetMGM, spoke at the conference on Thursday.

The panel agreed that the online gaming sector must continually evolve and adapt to new technologies to remain relevant. This includes finding ways to increase user engagement on social media and trying to foster a sense of community.

Specifically, Schorr spoke about the upcoming launch of a Latino-themed social casino app. He believes this is an untapped market — about 64 million people living in America identify as Latino.

It’s not just about making sure Spanish is a language option

Schorr explained that it’s not just about ensuring Spanish is a language option on a gaming platform, but rather it’s important to put together a brand that “appeals to the language, the culture and the influencers.”

BetMGM’s Bartlett sees a problem in that users are inundated with thousands of betting options. The challenge for operators is to “match customers with what is important to them.” He believes that using tools such as artificial intelligence or algorithms could be the answer.


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