Jon Glendinning leads the WPT Prime Championship final nine after Day 3

Jon Glendinning

The WPT Prime Championship is in full swing Wynn Las Vegas The brutally long Day 3 of the major event ended with nine players on the field.

The tournament took place over four flights on the first day 10,512 entries For a $10,196,640 Prize pool that more than doubles the guarantee. Of the 10,000 participants, only these nine players remain and make up the unofficial final table.

Jon Glendinning will be chip leader when play resumes at 2 p.m. local time tomorrow to play down to the official six-man final table.

Glendinning has 72,600,000 chips, putting him in a good position to chase first prize $1,386,280.

Final table chip counts

rank player country Chip count Big blinds
1 Jon Glendinning United States 72,600,000 73
2 Jay Lu United States 67,900,000 68
3 Calvin Anderson United States 61,200,000 61
4 Valery Pak Uzbekistan 60,200,000 60
5 Bob Buckenmayer United States 46,600,000 47
6 Aaron Pinson United States 45,900,000 46
7 Yuebin Guo United States 32,600,000 33
8th Mukul Pahuja United States 17,900,000 18
9 The three Daos United States 16,500,000 17

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Andrew Moreno
Andrew Moreno

Day 3 action

The 1,309 survivors from Day 1 were grouped together on Day 2 and whittled down to 128.

On the move, the bubble burst seamlessly and with fluid play, supported by the new shot clock system.

The 128 players who made it to Day 3 included names like Andrew Moreno (118th – $7,260), the Bubble Boy at the final table Steven Jones ($10 – $135,850) and Calvin Anderson who survived the fourth day as the third chip leader.

Valery Pak – currently fourth in chips – was one of the big heroes of the day. Pak played entertaining poker on the WPT live stream, using many idiosyncratic strategies, such as a three-bet bluff by leading the flop with a bet of less than two big blinds.

Final table payouts

position Price (USD)
1 $1,386,280
2 $910,000
3 $675,000
4 $505,000
5 $380,000
6 $290,000
7 $225,000
8th $173,000
9 $135,850
WPT Prime Championship
WPT Prime Championship

More on this on Wednesday

The game was originally designed to reach the official six-player final table. However, as the day entered its fifteenth hour, the decision to call it off came as a huge relief to the players.

Glendinning leads tomorrow’s field with 72 big blinds 500,000/1,000,000 with an ante of 1,000,000. However, he will face stiff competition as three of his opponents – including the very strong Anderson and Pak – still have at least 60 big blinds.

The final nine players are guaranteed a minimum cash of $135,850, but Glendinning et al. will have their eyes on the grand prize $1,386,280 and the associated WPT Prime Championship title.

Players will gather again tomorrow, December 13th, to watch more action via livestream WPT YouTube channel.

Once they reach the final six, play pauses again and resumes 19. December.


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