Laplante, Cheong & Costa Among Early 2023 Wynn Million Side Event Winners

2023 Wynn Millions

the 2023 Wynn Millions kicked off on February 20 and is slated to run through March 19. While the $3,500 buy-in, $3 million GTD Wynn Millions Main Eventwhich kicks off today, is capturing the big headlines, there have been a series of side events playing over the past couple of weeks.

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Ryan Wolfson Wins Big in $1,600 Mystery Bounty Event

Ryan Wolfson
Ryan Wolfson

From February 23-26, the $1,600 buy-in, $1.5 million GTD Mystery Bounty took place. With 1,270 entrants competing over three starting days, a $2,463,800 prize pool was created. Among those to make relatively deep runs and earn a piece of the regular prize pool were Nipun Java (14th – $12,303), Eric Baldwin (15th – $12,303), Qing Liu (18th – $9,300), Ben Palmer (21st – $8,125), and Adam Hendrix (22nd – $8,125).

A deal was worked at the final table that ultimately saw Ryan Wolfson of Westbury, New York take $130,080 in prize money plus nine bounties for a total of $163,580 in prizes.

Wynn Millions $1,600 Mystery Bounty Final Table Results

Place players hometown Prize
1 Ryan Wolfson Westbury, NY $130,080
2 mike allis Post Falls, ID $93,132
3 Tyler Willse Lake Tapps, WA $76,317
4 Brady Osterman Henderson, NV $74,265
5 Ken Somer Las Vegas, NV $67,232
6 Ike Nlemchi Houston, TX $63,232
7 Pervez Ahmed Newbury, Park, CA $47,304
8th Vuong Thu Anaheim, CA $22,981
9 Danith Ham San Digeo, CA $19,391

As for those who captured big bounties, check out this PokerNews Twitter thread for videos of some of the biggest moments:

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Ryan Laplante Finally Captures Long-Awaited Wynn Trophy

Ryan Laplante
Ryan Laplante

In the $600 HORSE tournament, 92 runners generated a $47,380 prize pool awarded to the top 11 finishers. Two players to cash for $1,279 apiece but fall just short of the final table were Svetlana Gromenkova (10th place) and Ke Chen (11th place).

It was the 19th final table appearance in a Wynn tournament by poker pro Ryan Laplante, but amazingly he had never taken home a coveted trophy. That all changed when he closed out the tournament to the tune of $12,401 after a heads-up deal with Tony Phanwho claimed $12,400 in prize money.

Wynn Millions $600 HORSE Final Table Results

Place players hometown Prize
1 Ryan Laplante Las Vegas, NV $12,401*
2 Tony Phan Las Vegas, NV $12,400*
3 Daniel Anton Las Vegas, NV $5,761
4 Ryan Roder Missoula, MT $3,970
5 Lawrence Berg Las Vegas, NV $2,961
6 Leonard August North Bergen, NJ $2,350
7 Gail Sarett Las Vegas, NV $1,928
8th Frank Menendez Tampa, FL $1,630
9 Lindsay McDougal Las Vegas, NV $1,421

*Denote’s heads-up deal.

Joseph Cheong Nab’s Early Title in $600 NLH

Joseph Cheong
Joseph Cheong

From February 21-23, the $600 NLH $200K GTD saw 805 entrants generate a $414,575 prize pool, which was reserved for the top 88 finishers. Among those to cash but fall short of the final table were Tuan Mai (13th – $5,511), Chris McNulty (18th – $3,608), Cole Ferraro (20th – $3,608), Jeremy Pekarek (29th – $2,412), Ben Palmer (35th – $2,412), and Rachel Whetstone (39th – $2,118).

The final table contained several well-known poker players including Elvis Toomas (7th – $10,737), David Jackson (4th – $23,258), and James Van Alstyne (3rd – $32,876). In the end, it was Joseph Cheong defeating Vinny Pahuja in heads-up play to win the tournament for $74,670.

Wynn Millions $600 NLH $200K GTD Final Table Results

Place players hometown Prize
1 Joseph Cheong Las Vegas, NV $74,670
2 Vinny Pahuja Jersey City, NJ $48,339
3 James Van Alstyne Las Vegas, NV $32,876
4 David Jackson Jacksonville, FL $23,258
5 Julio Pulido Garland, TX $17,122
6 Russel McClean Las Vegas, NV $13,349
7 Elvis Toomas Las Vegas, NV $10,737
8th Dor Peleg Scottsdale, AZ $8,913
9 Ryan Awwad Sacramento, CA $7,515

Former Aussie Millions Champ Peter Costa Wins $1,100 Seniors Event

Peter Costa
Peter Costa

From February 27-28, the $1,100 Seniors NLH $100K GTD saw 240 entrants generate a $232,800 prize pool, which was reserved for the top 27 finishers. Among those to cash but fall short of the final table were Michael Ruther (10th – $4,598), Danny Bigelow (14th – $3,562), Cy Williams (19th – $2,863), and Arnie Friedman (25th – $2,363).

At the final table, a three-way deal was struck that ultimately saw Peter Costa win the tournament for $44,179. If that name sounds familiar, it’s probably because you recognize Costa as the winner of the 2003 Aussie Millions Main Event for $221,862.

“Just before the mass shutdowns due to COVID in 2020, I decided that I had unfinished business with poker,” Costa shared on social media. “It was just a matter of when rather than if, regardless of the fact that I wasn’t getting any younger … This year, I was determined that the unfinished business needed to be finished.”

He continued: “Looking back at this event, it really was fun seeing the numbers dwindle down with me and my short stack being mere bystanders for the most part … I was just enjoying the moment for it was – a fun time with really nice people .”

Some of his accomplishments that year included victories in the $300 Limit Hold’em event at the California State Poker Championship for $115,662; Bellagio’s $2,500 Limit Hold’em for $112,000; $5,000 Championship Event at the 2002 Hall of Fame Poker Classic for $101,520; a pair of victories at the 2002 Four Queens Poker Classic for nearly $40,000; and winning the Late Night Poker Series 6 Grand Final for $78,275.

Wynn Millions $1,100 Seniors NLH $100K GTD Final Table Results

Place players hometown Prize
1 Peter Costa Las Vegas, NV $44,179*
2 Mark Gregory Las Vegas, NV $39,376*
3 MarkJohnson Las Vegas, NV $35,454*
4 Brendan Shiller Las Vegas, NV $16,529
5 NickPhoenix Encino, CA $12,175
6 Sejo Kasic Las Vegas, NV $9,382
7 Larry Wright McQueeney, TX $7,543
8th Gary Simpson Rancho Santa Margarita, CA $6,262
9 Dennis Pollock Grand Junction, CO $5,331

*Denote’s three-way deal.

Wynn Millions

2023 Wynn Millions Winners Thus Far

dates tournament entries prize pool winners Hometown/County Prize
Feb 20 $500 NLH $50K GTD 290 $124,700 Maher al Mouselly Calgary, Canada $30,228
Feb 21 $600 HORSE $30K GTD 92 $47,380 Ryan Laplante Las Vegas, NV $12,401
Feb 21-23 $600 NLH $200K GTD 805 $414,575 Joseph Cheong Las Vegas, NV $74,670
Feb 24 %400 PLO Turbo $20K GTD 129 $43,860 Pete Rocha Victoria, TX $10,965
Feb 26 $400 NLH $40K GTD 325 $110,500 Brian Hughes Las Vegas, NV $21,271
Feb 23-26 $1,600 Mystery Bounty 1,270 $2,463,800 Ryan Wolfson Westbury, NY $130,080
Feb 27-28 $1,100 Seniors NLH $100K GTD 240 $232,800 Peter Costa Las Vegas, NV $44,179
Feb 28 $400 NLH $40K GTD 296 $100,640 Patrick Hackenburg Manhattan, KS $24,395
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