Nash Bankroll Management is the perfect tracking app for poker players in 2024

Nash bankroll

In the fast-paced world of poker, where technology in space is advancing at the blink of an eye, Nash Bankroll Management is developing into an outstanding tracking app in 2024. Developed by a poker player Geoffrey Martin For poker players, Nash stands out because it addresses the common problems of other bankroll management applications, making it a top choice for both recreational players and professionals.

User-centered design

What sets Nash apart from its competitors is the user-centered approach that underpinned its development. The founder’s personal experiences with other tracking apps prompted the development of an app that allows users to customize their tracking experience. Nash gives users control over the level of detail they want to include in their sessions, from individual add-ons and rake to tips and expenses. The beauty of Nash lies in its flexibility – if certain details are not relevant to a user, they can simply hide them, ensuring a streamlined and personalized tracking process.

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Effortless meeting minutes

Martin’s frustration with the time-consuming process of logging sessions led to the development of Nash’s one-tap session launch feature. Nash knows the importance of minimizing distractions during the game. With shortcuts accessible directly from the iPhone’s home screen, users can start a session with a single tap. This functionality streamlines the tracking process and ensures players can focus on their poker strategy without getting bogged down in tedious data entry.

Robust data visualization

Unlike other tracking apps, Nash allows users to filter their sessions based on a variety of variables such as time of day, location, player pool, and tournament format. The ability to set personalized preferences in summaries, such as: B. deducting tournament tips or accounting for gaming expenses is aimed at both casual players and serious professionals. Nash recognizes that poker tracking is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor and offers a truly customizable experience.

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Accessibility for all levels of players

Nash is designed to be accessible and non-intimidating for recreational players while still offering advanced features for professionals. The app’s customizable settings cater to different player preferences, making it suitable for both those just starting to take poker seriously and high-level professionals who require detailed tracking of every aspect of their game.

Favorite feature: One-tap session start

The standout feature for many users, including the founder, is the ability to start a session with a single tap and update it directly from the home screen. This feature is a time saver and a game-changer for players who visit multiple poker rooms or participate in different games with different buy-ins.

Flexibility as a central appeal

The appeal of Nash for players is its flexibility. Players can set up the app to their liking, whether they prefer a simple or more complex tracking system. The ability to import data from other tracking apps further makes the transition easier for users looking to switch to Nash.

Premium features and pricing model

Nash adopts a freemium model and offers a free version for users who want to watch up to 2 cash games and 2 tournaments per week. The Premium subscription costs $29.99 per year with a one-month free trial or $3.99 per month without a free trial and unlocks advanced features such as unlimited session tracking, unlimited shortcuts, unlimited filters, and the ability to access data from other bankroll apps to import. The subscription also supports uploading documents and receipts, a valuable feature for tax and tracking purposes.


Nash Bankroll Management has successfully carved out a niche in the competitive landscape of poker tracking apps. Its user-centric design, emphasis on efficiency and flexibility make it the first choice for poker players in 2024. Whether you are a recreational player looking to take the next step in your poker journey or a seasoned professional looking for comprehensive tracking solution, Nash offers the perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication. With an intuitive interface, powerful features and a commitment to staying at the forefront of iOS developments, Nash is setting a new standard for poker bankroll management apps in 2024.

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