The crap: The accused chess cheater Hans Niemann seems to think poker is immoral

Hans Niemann Chess Cheat Poker

Hans Niemannaccused by the long-time world champion of cheating at a major chess tournament Magnus CarlsenHe doesn’t think too highly of those who promote any form of gambling, including poker.

In our latest issue of The craplet’s focus on a Twitter argument between the chess professional and his chess colleague Alexandra’s baptism This was triggered by some condemning tweets from Niemann, who recently denied using vibrating sex toys to beat Carlsen at the Sinquefield Cup a year ago.

Niemann appeared together with his lawyer Piers Morgan Live to discuss the allegations that Carlsen has been making for years. He vehemently denied any wrongdoing.

“Have you ever used anal beads while playing chess?” Morgan asked the chess prodigy.

“Your curiosity is a little worrying, you know, maybe you’re personally interested,” Niemann replied. “But I can tell you no.”

Hans Niemann tears up Alexandra’s baptism

Alexandra Botez chess poker
Alexandra’s baptism

Shortly after the interview, the 20-year-old, who isn’t even old enough to gamble legally in most of the United States, went to X to judge those who play poker for a living, most notably Botez, an enthusiastic one Poker player.

Niemann, who appeared combative and defensive at times during the 20-minute interview, fired off an unprovoked tweet attacking Botez’s character, which caused a stir in the poker community.

“Yes, I think once you get 1 million subscribers you should start promoting gambling and poker and make money from it. I think this is a very responsible thing for your brand, which is to promote degeneration and help people.” “I’m becoming addicted to gambling,” the biased Niemann said sarcastically about Botez.

Niemann, who has been accused of cheating in chess on multiple occasions, then targeted Botez because, he claims, he used their platform to promote poker to a younger demographic. Botez responded politely to the character attack.

“I understand that you are upset about how everyone has responded to the fraud allegations. If you actually want to chat, they are always ready to discuss your problems with poker or other things. If it’s all about clickbait and views, it’s you.” “You are no better than everyone who criticized you for harassing you,” Botez wrote.

Poker X strikes back

Niemann’s attacks on gambling and poker did not sit well with many in the poker community. Numerous poker players responded to X, including Daniel Negreanu.

“Wait, aren’t you the guy who supposedly stuck buzzing anal beads up his ass in a chess game? You’re right? The anal ball guy? Poker is a strategy game, you clown. So is chess. You can bet “Either. Or you can play both for fun,” Negreanu replied.

“Big words from the pearl maker Lmfao” @TheSaurus831 wrote.

“Why does this still seem like gambling to you, Jo? I mean, why do you think the same five guys make the final table of the World Series of Poker every year? Who are the luckiest guys in Las Vegas? Oh, wait a minute,” Mike McDonald joked, referring to the legendary poker movie: All-rounderwhich recently celebrated its 25th anniversary.

“This is such a loser energy, to put it charitably.” Chris Baud (@RealChrisBaud), a journalist and poker player, responded.

“Hans, with all due respect, shut up. I’m glad to see you back in chess and it’s great how much your platform has grown, but that doesn’t give you the right to denigrate other creators on a feigned moral high ground.” “Learning poker can be just as useful like learning chess, and who are you to make fun of a YouTuber who uses content sites to connect with their audience? This is nothing more than low-quality drama bait, do better,” says the chess grandmaster and poker player Nemo (@akaNemsko) shot back.

Many chess players view poker as a side hobby or profession, so it’s a bit strange that Niemann is so harsh on the poker and gambling community.


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