PokerStars introduces new Mystery Cash Challenge with all-star cast


Get ready for an exciting combination of high-stakes poker cash games and the thrill of mystery bounty tournaments PokerStars has released its latest creation – the PokerStars Mystery Cash Challenge.

The first episode will be released on Saturday September 9th at 3pm CEST on PokerStars’ Central and UK Youtube Channel. Brazilian viewers can also watch, but they will have to wait until the next day as the first episode goes live on the platform on September 10th at 8:00 p.m. CEST Brazilian Youtube Channel.

This innovative format offers a poker spectacle not seen in a long time.

Botez Headline Lineup

Alexandra's baptism
Alexandra’s baptism

To ensure the Mystery Cash Challenge starts with a bang, PokerStars has assembled an impressive lineup of poker pros and personalities. The chess superstar is among those ready to take on this new challenge Alexandra’s baptism.

Botez is no stranger to the PokerStars stage, having claimed victory there PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Earlier this year, she secured her first PokerStars trophy and a whopping $10,815 in winnings. Now she’s back to take on the Mystery Cash Challenge.

She will be joined by experienced PokerStars commentators Griffin Benger And Maria Hotogether with team professionals Sam Grafton And Parker “Tonkaaaa” Talbot. The Brazilian poker crusher adds an international touch to the mix Fabiano Kovalski will also be in use.

James Hartigan And Joe Stapleton will be in the commentary booth, ready to deliver their signature blend of humor and insight as the drama unfolds.

“Poker is more accessible than chess,” says Twitch streamer Alexandra Botez

Solving the Mystery Cash Challenge

Mystery Cash Challenge lineup

At first glance, Mystery Cash Challenge appears to be a typical no-limit hold’em cash game, but there are significant twists that set it apart from the ordinary. The game starts with a pre-flop pot limit of €25/€50 and transitions to a no-limit structure post-flop, which is the same format as the popular show The big game used to follow. Simply put, players can bet an amount up to the current pot size before the flop, but once the flop is dealt, it’s a no-limits showdown.

The game spans six rounds, each consisting of 10 hands. The first nine hands serve as the qualifying phase. To qualify for the tenth and final hand of the round – the so-called Bomb Pot – players must emerge victorious in at least one of these nine pots.

In the Bomb Pot, the player who has won the most pots beforehand receives the coveted button. In the event of a tie, the player who last won a pot receives the button.

But that’s not all; There’s an exciting bonus prize in the mix that will make every hand and every pot count.

Sam Grafton: The Five and a Half Million Dollar Man

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