PokerStars Kick-Off is the Perfect Game to Play this World Cup

Kick Off Games

the 2022 World Cup has finally arrived, so why not mark the occasion by playing PokerStars Kick Offthe exciting football-themed game exclusive to PokerStars.

Kick off was introduced as part of the Neymar Jr Cultural Collective Earlier this year as the Brazilian Soccer Star took on the role of PokerStars’ Cultural Ambassador.

Kick-Off gives players the chance to win epic cash prizes worth up to $50,000, so make this a World Cup one to remember by giving it a go.

How to Play PokerStars Kick Off Games

Open up the PokerStars client or mobile app and you’ll see the Kick-Off tab on the menu bar.

With buy-ins of $1, $2, $5, $12, and $25, the Kick-Off games are fast-paced four-handed progressive knockout sit & go tournaments. You can start at whichever level you wish and when you choose the stake you want to play at, you battle it out against players of the same buy-in in a series of sprints.

When you eliminate a player, you claim their bounty. The value of the bounty is then split into two, with a percentage increasing the price on your head with the rest going to your PokerStars balance.

There is also a bounty multiplier, which can pay out up to 300x your prize so, this means when playing at the biggest buy-in, you have the chance to win $50,000. Imagine the epic soccer trip you could book with that wedge of cash.

Each time you win a sprint, you can hop into the next one. You can choose to do that straight away or leave it for another time. The final sprint is the $25 buy-in event and should you be the last player standing, you’ll be your very own Kick-Off Champion.

Score a goal by accumulating at least $50 in bounties and claim your own bounty value as well as the additional bounties you’ve collected along the way.

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Join PokerStars this World Cup for a $600 Welcome Bonus

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  • Kick-Off gives players the chance to win epic cash prizes worth up to $50,000, so make this a World Cup one to remember by giving it a go.

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