Problem gamblers place 50% of Connecticut’s sports bets

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A new study on the impact of gambling in Connecticut shows that half of all legal sports betting in the state comes from problem gamblers. [Image:]

The first study of its kind on gambling impacts in Connecticut since the legalization of online gambling highlights some serious concerns for the state’s residents. It was found that while problem gamblers only make up less than 2% of the population, they account for half of all sports betting.

Online casinos and sports betting became legal in Connecticut in 2021 and the study results show that about two-thirds of people gamble in some form. The majority of this occurs through the state’s various lottery products, with only 10% participating in online casino gaming or sports betting.

Over 70% of legal gambling revenue comes from at-risk or problem gamblers

The last impact study in the state was in 2009 and found that over 8% of people used illegal options to place sports bets, so legalization did not result in a dramatic increase in participation. The study, conducted by Gemini Research, showed that over 70% of legal gambling revenue comes from at-risk or problem gamblers.

The Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services commissioned the study because it was a requirement of the General Assembly.

Genesis concluded that current forms of gambling addiction prevention and treatment in the state “are quite proactive and provide a good model for the rest of the country.” According to the research firm, more work is needed on this front.


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