sokoban4ik Shines and Takes Down PokerStars MicroMillions Marathon Main Event

PokerStars MicroMillions Marathon

The MicroMillions Marathon took place online at PokerStars over four days from April 20-23, during which time no fewer than 84 low-stakes, affordable events crowned their champions. Although every MicroMillions Marathon champion was worthy of such a title, the attention of the low-stakes poker tournament community was fixed on the Main Event and High Roller.

the MicroMillions Marathon Main Event saw an incredible number of PokerStars players exchange $22 for the chance to compete for a five-figure score; 19,870 of them to be exact. All of those entrants meant a prize pool tipping the scales at $397,400!

As the Main Event was played as a progressive knockout affair, for more than the 3,247 players that received a slice of the main prize pool pie walked away with some share of the spoils. With those bounties included, none of the nine finalists received less than $2,139, the prize awarded to the ninth-place finisher “jupitle” of Brazil.

One by one, the final table ever grew short-handed, with “JDM211” ($2,653), “garrafalitro” ($3,799), and Lithuania’s “bartuxas” ($4,144) crashing out, leaving only five players in the hunt for the title of MicroMillions Marathon Main Event champion.

Those five became four with the untimely demise of “mariachi” ($6,825), then three when “BlackStyle11” busted ($9,498). The final three players locked in five figure sums for their efforts, an incredible return on a $22 investment.

Belarus’ “Greedyim” fell in third for $11,138, setting up a battle for the title between “sokoban4ik” of Ukraine and Brazilian grinder “GabrielSMR.” sokoban4ik had racked up more than their fair share of bounties, and they reeled in the scalp of GabrielSMR plus the money on their head for a total haul worth $28,858, leaving GarbielSMR to head into the night with $17,980 reasons to be cheerful.

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MicroMillions Marathon Main Event Final Table Results

Place players Country bounties Prize Total prize
1 sokoban4ik Ukraine $11,201 $17,657 $28,858
2 GabrielSMR Brazil $340 $17,640 $17,980
3 greedyim Belarus $672 $10,466 $11,138
4 BlackStyle11 Uruguay $2,038 $7,460 $9,498
5 mariachi Norway $1,507 $5,318 $6,825
6 bartuxas Lithuania $353 $3,791 $4,144
7 garrafalitro Brazil $1,097 $2,702 $3,799
8th JDM211 Denmark $727 $1,926 $2,653
9 jupitle Brazil $766 $1,373 $2,139

Peruvian One-Two in the $55 High Roller

the MicroMillions Marathon High Roller was an eight-handed event with a $55 buy-in. It drew in 5,859 entries, who created a $292,950 prize pool, smashing the $250,000 guarantee out of the water.

Team PokerStars members Lasa hunting “Wistern” Lauritsen, Parker “tonkaaaa” Talbotand Benjamin “Spraggy” Spragg were among the entrants, although none of them managed to finish in the money. Spragg went the deepest, busting in 887th with 831 places paid.

Benjamin Spragg
Benjamin Spragg

Nobody took home less than $2,775 once they had navigated their way to the final table; Germany’s “cologne” netted that sum. “orebit7” ($3,893), “FKAXM” ($5,462), and “EMIR XO” ($7,662) joined the long list of busted players, leaving the final five to fight it out for the glory, each having secured a five-figure prize for their performances.

Anus “Yahweh” ($10,749), “olleggi” ($15,080), and “jooa42” ($21,155) bowed out, two Peruvian players butted heads-up for the title of High Roller champion. When the dust had settled, “zagaz124” had defeated “Curioso24” heads up and captured a cool $41,637. Curioso24 licked their wounds with a still very respectable $29,677 consolation prize.

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MicroMillions Marathon High Roller Final Table Results

Place players Country Prize
1 zagaz124 Peru $41,637
2 Curioso24 Peru $29,677
3 yoa42 Brazil $21,155
4 olleggie Mexico $15,080
5 Yahweh Germany $10,749
6 EMIR XO Vietnam $7,662
7 FKAXM Brazil $5,462
8th orbit7 Czech Republic $3,893
9 cologne Germany $2,775

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