Talk Club wins the 2024 APAT UK Team Championship

Winner of the APAT UK Team Championship

Forty teams of eight poker players met at Dusk Till Dawn in Nottingham at the weekend and fought for the right to call themselves “The Poker”. 2024 Amateur Poker Association & Tour (APAT) UK Team Championship Master. The Talk Club had the right to be proud, £9,200 to share between themselves and a coveted gold APAT medal.

APAT UK Team Championship 2024 team results

rank team Points Price
1 Talk club 375 £9,200
2 Midland Freelancer 361 £6,000
3 Fair play poker 351 £4,000
4 Malvern Poker Club 330 £2,800
5 Blue blood 286 £2,000

Talk Club, consisting of Simon Brooke, Tristan Chaplin, Adam Neal, Richard Wilcox, Ian Witt, Robert Hallworth, John PattenAnd PokerNews‘ own Daniel Williams emerged as a worthy winner and ultimately finished 14 points ahead of Team Midland Freelancers.

First place went to Talk Club when there were only 12 players left in the hunt, partly because Brooke and Williams were still in the mix. Brooke was previously eliminated in 11th place Paul Haycock Posted PokerNews‘ Williams ended up on the rail in tenth place in the final table bubble.

The Midland Freelancer had to settle for a silver APAT medal and £6,000 Fair play poker took third place, an APAT bronze medal and £4,000.

What is Talk Club?

Talk club

Every member of the Team Talk Club is enthusiastic Talk club, a mental fitness community for men that aims to eliminate the stigma associated with men talking about their feelings. Instead of asking your friend if he’s okay and being put off with a one-word answer, Talk Club suggests asking him, “How do you feel from 10?“This is the slogan emblazoned on the Team Talk Club jerseys during the APAT UK Team Championship.

The Talk Club offers various services, including peer-to-peer groups on “Speaking and Listening”, peer-to-peer exchanges in the area of ​​“Talk & Exercise” around physical activity, talk therapies conducted by a qualified therapist carried out, and business support.

You can support Talk Club by Donate and purchases via The club’s online shop.

Swindells walks away with top individual honors

Robert Swindells
Robert Swindells

Although the team portion of the APAT UK Team Championship ended with 12 players remaining, the individual portion of the £120 buy-in event was all about it.

Nicholas Howat was the first player eliminated from the final table, and Mike Errington joined him shortly afterwards.

Seventh place went Jordan James, who made it to the final table despite his blindness. The table action is conveyed to James by his partner, Shannon. PokerNews I will speak to James soon and bring you an exclusive interview with this remarkable man.

The last six became five when Neil Banks broken, then four later Glen Whitehead hit the rail. Nobody wanted to finish fourth because they would miss out on the coveted APAT medal, but someone had to do it. The aforementioned Paul Haycock, the destroyer of PokerNews“Williams’ final table dreams were the unfortunate medal bubble boy.”

Third place went Gareth HowardLeave Robert Swindells And Rob Wheeler Heads up for the title. The fight went in Swindells’ favor and he received £2,000 and a gold medal for his impressive victory.

APAT UK Team Championship 2024 individual results

rank player Price
1 Robert Swindells £2,000
2 Rob Wheeler £1,300
3 Gareth Howard £800
4 Paul Haycock £600
5 Glen Whitehead £500
6 Neil Banks £450
7 Jordan James £400
8th Mike Errington £350
9 Nicholas Howat £300

More champions of the APAT UK Team Championship

Dusk Till Dawn not only hosted the UK Team Championship, but also a handful of exciting side events. Habib Chatoo was the biggest winner in the side event after winning £2,520 in the £120 PLO Championship.

Event Participant Price pool champion Price
£60 Bounty Hunter 278 £13,900 Warren Jones £1,080
£60NLHE 184 £9,200 David Amos £1,386
£120 PLO 74 £7,400 Habib Chatoo £2,520
£120NLHE 90 £9,000 Anonymous £1,810

APAT confirms 13 stops on its 2024 tour


During the UK Team Championship, APAT announced 13 stops on its 2024 tour. APAT said a few more events could potentially be added to the list – rumors of a Welsh Championship persist – but the table below shows the specific dates of the confirmed stops.

Events Event Location
9th-11th February German team championship Grand Casino Ash, Czech Republic
21st-25th February European Amateur Poker Championship Aspers Stratford, London
22-24 March FOUR Open Championships Man235 Casino, Manchester
27-28 April Mediterranean Amateur Poker Championship Portomaso Casino, Malta
1st-2nd May Irish Amateur Poker Championship Dublin, Ireland
17th-19th May Scottish Amateur Poker Championship Grosvenor Casino, Glasgow
14th-16th June British Amateur Poker Championship Grosvenor Casino, Leeds
21st–26th August World Amateur Poker Championship DTD, Nottingham
2nd-6th Oct German amateur poker championship Grand Casino Ash, Czech Republic
18–20 Oct English Amateur Poker Championship Grosvenor Casino, Blackpool
2nd-3rd November Maltese Amateur Poker Championship Portomaso Casino, Malta
15th-17th November Great Britain and Ireland Amateur Poker Championship Grosvenor Casino, Newcastle
November 29th – December 1st Poker Squad Live DTD, Nottingham


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