The Bummer: Bleznick uses time extension chips to open the Sports Card Box at the $100,000 final table

Jared Bleznick sports cards

In case you didn’t know, Jared Bleznick really, and we mean ReallyShe loves sports cards. He loves it so much that he quit the game at the $100,000 buy-in Super High Roller Bowl PLO Tournament on Wednesday for a boxing break.

Although “Blez” didn’t break any rules by using time extension chips at the final table and there were still four players left to open two boxes of Panini One of One basketball cards, not everyone was entertained, including his opponents and the PokerGO commentator David Tuchman. But many spectators enjoyed the sideshow.

In our latest edition of The Muck, we share the poker community’s opinion on whether Bleznick’s actions were annoying or entertaining.

But first the video to watch:

Strange events at the $100,000 final table

With four players remaining and the winner taking home $1.3 million, Stephen Chidwick raised and then the shortest stack, Isaac Kemptonwent all in. Then it was Bleznick’s turn, and even though he held the chip lead at the time, it was unlikely that he would call the raise with a mediocre starting hand.

Instead of simply throwing his cards into the dirt, he announced that he would use a time extension chip to break open two expensive boxes of basketball cards.

“I like Jared Bleznick, but I think that’s an exaggeration,” Tuchman said during the live stream.

Whether it crossed the finish line or not, Bleznick ultimately made it to the end, also defeating the aforementioned Kempton and Chidwick Isaac Haxtonen route to the title and $1,292,000.

2023 Super High Roller Bowl $100,000 PLO Final Table Results

Location player Price
1 Jared Bleznick $1,292,000
2 Isaac Haxton $836,000
3 Stephen Chidwick $570,000
4 Isaac Kempton $418,000
5 Aaron Katz $304,000
6 Frank Crivello $228,000

Mixed bag from the poker community

Jared Bleznick sports cards
Jared Bleznick

Bleznick, the owner The Blez sports cards, declared his love for “sports cards” in a memorable post-game interview after winning a 2021 US Poker Open tournament. Last year, he put a $1 million bounty on a coveted 1-of-1 card of LeBron James. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that he stops play for a box break during a poker tournament.

But did he, as Tuchman said, cross the line? Or was it just harmless fun that was good for the game? If

“As always, he knew exactly what he was doing, now it’s being talked about. Magician advertising”, Thallo_Poker tweeted

“Chidwick was cautiously interested” @KerryKittles wrote.

“Silly maybe, but it’s still fun to watch someone take on the super professionals who lack any personality or charm. A lot of these guys are robots and have no sense of humor or fun.” @griffinbaugh argued.

“Great! Big love for the hobby!” said one X user with a series of numbers in his handle.

But it wasn’t entertaining for everyone. Take these tweets for example:

“These poker shows have gotten really bad,” he said, unimpressed @heyholetsgf Posted.

“Am I the only one who thinks this sucks?” @TruthfulBurns asked.

“Automatic punishment, at least 2 rounds… deplorable behavior… Why doesn’t he just put a bowl of pho on the table and drink it while he uses up his time reserves?” @navinbits suggests.

“And how is that good for poker? Poker is going downhill until they get rid of these robots and clown shows.” @Thenaturalspod Wonder.


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