Will the lucky number seven land you €500 at bet365 Poker?

Bet365 Poker lucky number 7

Bet365 Poker gives you the chance to win up to €500 in cash every week lucky number 7 Cash Game Promotion. The action began on September 4th and runs until October 2ndThis gives you enough time to get to work and find the lucky number seven.

The number seven has have long been considered lucky charms. Seven is a prime number, held in high esteem by the ancient Egyptians, while seven is common in religious texts of Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Hinduism. Until October 2nd at least, the number seven could prove to be your lucky charm when playing online poker cash games at bet365.

How does lucky number 7 work?

As you’ve probably figured out by now, bet365 Poker’s Lucky Number 7 promotion is all about the number seven. Play Poker at bet365 Premium tablesavailable only to bet365 customers, with minimum blinds of €0.05/€0.10 between 10:00 GMT on Monday and 9:59 GMT the following Monday, and you’re good to go.

The aim is to make as many hands as possible with at least two sevens. You get one point for every seven in your hand, and those points are multiplied based on the stakes you’re playing for.

Only your first 777 hands of the week count toward your total, increasing your hand total even if you fold pre-lop. However, it is possible to reset your hand count at any time during the qualifying period of the week.

Make a pair of sevens for two points, three of a kind for three points, or four of a kind for four points. These points are then multiplied by 1.25x when you play €0.10/€0.20 on €1/€2 tables and by 1.5x when playing €0.25/ €0.50 and €2/€4 tables.

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Bet365 Poker Lucky Number 7 Leaderboard Payouts

There are two Lucky Number 7 leaderboards to follow and you can compete in both at the same time. For the purposes of the promotion, €0.05/€0.10, €0.10/€0.20 and €0.25/€0.50 are considered low stakes. Visit the €0.50/€1, €1/€2 and €2/€4 tables to earn points towards the high stakes leaderboard.

The low ranking pays 50 places cash prizes from €5 to €200. The top leaderboard pays the top 25 point earners a cash prize starting at €25 up to €500a sum that cannot be shaken.

rank Cash prize with little stake High Stakes Cash Prize
1 €200 €500
2 €100 €250
3 €75 €100
4-5 €50 €75
6-10 €25 €50
11-25 €10 €25
26-50 €5

Start your Bet365 career with a welcome bonus of €365

You need a Bet365 Poker account to participate in the Lucky Number 7 promotion. Those with an account can launch the Bet365 Poker software, log in and begin completing the eligibility requirements. Anyone reading this without an account can do so Download Bet365 Poker above PokerNews and get entitled to an extensive welcome package.

Regardless of the size of your initial deposit, new Bet365 customers receive poker a redeemable bonus of €365 This amount will be credited to your account when you play real money cash games and tournaments. Earn 10 Status Points for every € or £1 you contribute to cash game rake or tournament fees.

The first two bonus payments of €2.50 will be credited to your playable balance once you have collected 25 and 50 Status Points respectively. The following 24 installments are credited to your account each time you earn 100 Tier Points, with the remaining installments being redeemed after every 250 Tier Points earned.

On top of the €365 bonus you also get one €1 Twister ticketa free spin on the Welcome Prize Wheel and some special Welcome Missions where you can win unique prizes


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