Five Reasons Why WPT Global Isn’t Like Other Real Money Poker Sites

WPT Global

If you haven’t checked out yet WPT Global yet then you really should!

Not only is the site available in over 85 countries but WPT Global has a huge focus on player security and safety, meaning you can be assured of an amazing player experience.

Here are five reasons why WPT Global isn’t like other real money poker sites.


One of the most exciting aspects of WPT Global is the integration of Gamavrs. These are NFTs that offer in-game benefits on WPT Global such as freeroll tournaments, exclusive tables and access to WPT Live Events

Check out the benefits below:

animal rarity level perks
human 60% of 9,999 Freeroll tournaments, sponsored seats for WPT Global and Private Discord Channel
cyborgs 30% of 9,999 Human perks + exclusive Celebrity Tables
Gods 10% of 9,999 Human & Cyborg perks + access to WPT Live VIP events

For more information, head to the Gamavrs website to join their discord and learn more about the project and their collaboration with the WPT.

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AI player matching

Another unique aspect of the WPT Global player experience is the unique player matching. WPT Global officials say that within 300-500 hands, their AI Player Matching system can determine within 98.5% certainty what type of player you are.

They then use this to skill-match players and seat them with their peers. This enables them to build the ecosystem in a positive way, and makes player assistance redundant.

Automatic Straddle Games

If you head to the Cash Games section of the WPT Global client you will see a whole host of different cash games at different stakes:

Not only that, but you can find cash games with mandatory straddles, meaning that every orbit as well as the small and big blind going out, a third bet — usually equal to double the big blind — is also placed.

This increases the amount of money in the pot pre-flop and can usually create even more action.

No Deposit Necessary! Get YOUR Free Ticket to WPT Global’s $100,000 GTD Welcome Event

live satellite

WPT Global has said that in the future satellites to WPT live events will be fully integrated into the client.

This means that players can access live events on the World Poker Tour for less, and will be able to win tickets for WPT tournaments around the world.

loyalty system

Although not yet released, WPT Global has promised an exciting Loyalty System that will benefit all of its players.

It is set to be a competition-based rewards system that encourages fairness, entertainment, and long-term sustainability. A wholly reimagined points system will enable players to get rewarded while playing on WPT Global.

Watch this space for more details!!

Enjoy WPT Global’s Welcome Deposit Match Bonus

WPT Global’s Welcome Match Bonus is one of the biggest ever offered as an online poker deposit bonus!

They’ll match your deposit up to a huge $1,200 as a warm welcome to their tables. Whether you’re a cash game player or tournament challenger, all you need to is sign up to WPT Global through PokerNewsand deposit a minimum of $20 to get the bonus.

  • Open to all new depositors
  • 100% deposit match bonus – minimum $20 up to $1,200!
  • Play any real money poker games, cash or tournaments, to unlock your deposit bonus
  • Bonus is released in $5 increments for every $20 in rake contribution
  • Any deposit bonus amount that has not been unlocked after 90 days following a player’s initial deposit will be forfeited
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