Hustler Casino Live Investigation Might Include Polygraph Testing

hustler casino live cheating

Two days following a controversial hand that has sent the poker community bonkers, Hustler Casino Live’s production company High Stakes Productionsdisclosed brief plans to investigate the alleged cheating scandal.

on thursday night, Robbi Jade Lew called Garrett Adelstein’s eight-high bluff with jack-high to scoop a $269,000 pot. Many, including the player who lost the pot, have questioned the legitimacy of the hand. Adelstein even went so far as to accuse his opponent of cheating, although he has yet to present any hard evidence.

Investigating the Allegations

co-owners Nick Vertucci other Ryan Feldman released a joint statement Saturday evening explaining their plans to ensure the incident is fully investigated.

“High Stakes Poker Productions is in the process of retaining experts to conduct a thorough and independent investigation of the hand involving Garrett and Robbi,” the statement reads. “While we have always had confidence in the security of our technology and the integrity of our staff, we take the allegations very seriously and understand anything is possible.”

As such, according to the Twitter release, the poker livestream production company is hiring a law firm to conduct a “comprehensive investigation.” That will include interviewing staff members and players, along with potentially the use of a polygraph test.

Hustler Casino in Los Angeles, the host venue for Hustler Casino Live, will assist with the investigation. Per the public statement, attorneys for the show will oversee an investigation by a third-party cybersecurity company “that will leave no stone unturned in our system.”

Hustler Casino Live hasn’t banned Adelstein or Lew from competing on the show, but they will not continue to play on the stream during the investigation process. Moments after the controversial hand took place, Adelstein left the game and was refunded the money off-stream from Lew. It’s unclear who initiated the idea to refund over $100,000 worth of casino chips as both players have contrasting told stories.

The show’s co-owners warned the poker community that the entire process may take “considerable time.” But ensured the many fans of the popular livestream that they will release the findings publicly, “no matter what they reveal.”

Vertucci appeared on Joey Ingram’s stream Thursday night just hours following the incident where he made it clear that he doesn’t believe anyone who is part of the Hustler Casino Live crew had anything to do with any alleged cheating scandal. He defended the show’s security and integrity.

“It’s important for us to reinforce that we have found no evidence of wrongdoing at this point. As stated previously, Hustler Casino and High Stakes Poker Productions was not involved in any monetary exchange that occurred away from the table between the parties,” the Twitter statement concluded.

Impeccable Reputation in Jeopardy?

Garrett Adelstein
Garrett Adelstein

Adelstein, considered one of the best high-stakes cash game players in the world, has long been a fan favorite and respected pro for years in Los Angeles on Live at the bike and Hustler Casino Live. For the first time in his career, that reputation has taken a hit among some within the poker community who argue that his reaction to the failed bluff was out of line.

The high-stakes pro released a lengthy statement on Twitter, in which he wrote that Lew “clearly” cheated. While many defended his actions and the statement, others were critical.

Those who side with Lew have called upon Adelstein to give the money back to her. Some suggested she never should have paid him back in the first place. That said, many poker players, including Doug Polkhave come to Adelstein’s defense.

But one thing is certain, no one outside of Lew (and her accomplices, if they exist and she is in fact guilty), if she cheated. When the Hustler investigation concludes, perhaps we’ll have a definitive answer, one way or the other.


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