Polk starts well but quickly fades in the final episode of High Stakes Poker Season 11

Doug Polk High Stakes Poker

Season 11 of High stakes poker ended on Monday night with Episode 14, which was a continuation of last week’s program Nikhil “Nik Airball” Arcot makes his HSP debut.

The game may have seemed familiar to those who follow PokerGO’s shows, and that’s because it was shown on the live stream in April in what was described as a “cackling” game.

There were several rivalries at the table, including Matt Berkey vs. Lyn Ji and Berkey vs. Doug Polk. Eric Perssonwho was mostly quiet during the episode was also in play during it Jean Robert Bellande And Rob Yong I mixed it up.

Polk flops the joint

Doug Polk
Doug Polk and Matt Berkey

In the first hand of the series, JRB went up to $800 and Polk was the first to raise to $2,000 to take action Q10. Airball then looked down AA and a 3-bet to $6,500 that Tilly called Q10 on the button. Bellande came out of the straddle with his 98thPolk paid the extra $4,500 and it was four-way action until the flop 65K.

Action checked to Airball and he bet $13,000 with his aces and the ace-high flush draw. Both Tilly and Bellande folded and Polk just called with his flopped club flush. The 4 The turn was clean for Polk and he check-called a bet of $50,000.

The 7 completed the board on the river and Polk checked a third time. Airball slowed down by checking back and Polk showed his flush to win the $153,100 pot.

At this point in the game, Ann Persson, Eric Persson’s wife, joined the lineup by taking her husband’s place in the game. As a long-time commentator AJ Benz As he pointed out, it was the first time he could remember three women playing in a game High stakes poker. Although their appearance didn’t last long as Eric soon returned, it was a piece of history for HSP.

Yong vs. Polk

Rob Yong
Rob Yong

Yong bet the straddle to $800 and Bellande raised first to $4,000 to take action 76. Polk then three-bet to $13,000 with that J10Airball called from the button with the 99and Yong came out of the tackle with that K10.

Bellande called and it was four-way action until the flop 710A. With two checks, Polk bet $17,000, Airball folded, and Yong called with his gutshot. Bellande moved out of the way and it was heads up J turn. Yong made his Broadway straight but checked to Polk, who checked with two pair behind.

Yong checked the nuts 3 On the turn, Polk bet $50,000. Yong woke up with a check-raise to $200,000 and Polk stood up from his chair and folded his arms.

“I’m in a bad spot here,” he admitted after taking his seat again. He eventually called, but the $487,100 pot went to Yong.

Yong Fishhook Ear Ball

Berkey bet the straddle and Airball raised first to $2,000 to act with his 55. Tilly called with that AJ and Yong three-bet from the button to $13,000 JJ. Both Airball and Tilly called and the trio got a flop 223.

After two checks, Yong continued with $15,000, Airball called and Tilly moved out of the way. The dealer then burned and turned it around 7 and Airball quickly check-called a $40,000 bet that produced the result 6 on the river.

Airball checked for the third time and Yong checked back, winning a pot worth $150,900.

“You would have gotten more,” Airball claimed.

Eric Perrson and Rob Yong
Eric Perrson and Rob Yong

Bellande bet the straddle before Polk raised it to $2,000 K10. Persson called from the big blind with the JJBellande folded and it was heads-up action until the flop 8thQ9. Persson check-called a bet of $4,000 and the J hit the turn.

Persson bet and checked to Polk, who bet $7,000 after hitting his gutshot straight. Persson called and the 9 Paired the board on the river. Persson checked his full house and Polk bet $20,000.

Persson came to life with a check-raise to $120,000 and once again Polk rose from his chair.

“This sucks,” Polk complained, but shouted anyway. Send the $267,500 pot to Persson.

Bellande prepares airball

Bellande sat astride what turned out to be the right thing to do 66 and Polk reached $1,600 in the double straddle. Airball then increased that to $25,000 AA At the cutoff, Bellande moved all-in for $148,000 and Polk got out of the way.

Airball made a snap call and agreed to play twice to win the $299,300 pot. However, Bellande only wanted to do it once, so they did. It proved to be a wise decision for JRB 946 The flop gave him a set.

Neither those 10 turn around again 8th The river changed things and Bellande doubled through airball.

Last hand of season 11

Nick Airball
Nick Airball

In the final hand of the episode and Season 11, Berkey reached $800 and Airball Double Straddle reached $1,600. Tilly then raised to $3,200 JJ and Bellande called from the small blind with his K5.

Berkey called with that 75Airball called with that A2and four players had a flop of J95. With two checks, Airball placed the minimum bet of $400 and Tilly responded with a raise to $7,000. Both JRB and Berkey folded before Airball called and saw this Q appear on the turn.

Airball checked, Tilly bet $15,000 with her jacks, and Airball, sipping a large glass of red wine, check-raised to $50,000. Tilly responded by moving all in for $157,000 and Airball folded, giving his opponent the $235,300 pot.

They went rabbit hunting to see if Airball would have hit the flush – A. This ended the 11th season of High Stakes Poker.

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Polk starts well but quickly fades in the final episode of High Stakes Poker Season 11 101

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