“Imbajimbaa” emerges victorious in the $10,300 PokerStars WCOOP PLO Main Event

2023 WCOOP PLO Main Event

After three exciting days of action on the virtual felts, only one participant remained Pokerstars Event 100-H $10,300 WCOOP PLO Championship, “Imbajimbaa.”. There were a total of 100 registrations for the tournament, so there was a balanced result Prize pool of $1,000,000. “Imbajimbaa” took home the lion’s share of that pool $233,532. You have defeated “anonymousstruts” win the title relatively quickly in heads-up play.

“Imbajimbaa” entered the final day as the chip leader with over 100 big blinds, but “anonymstruts” wasn’t too far behind. Although they briefly lost their chip lead to the eventual runner-up, they never fell below second place. “Imbajimbaa” played aggressively and was eliminated I am “Aku1206” Joentausta in the fifth, Joao “Naza114” Vieira in the fourth, and “ABIDO” in third place and of course also in second place.

Final table results

rank player country Price (USD)
1 “Imbajimbaa.” Denmark $233,532
2 “anonymousstruts” Sweden $176,216
3 “I will help” Hungary $132,967
4 Joao “Naza114” Vieira Portugal $100,333
5 I am “Aku1206” Joentausta Finland $75,708
6 “jokkee_apart” Norway $57,127
7 “eltucu64” Argentina $43,986

Final Table Action

It didn’t take long for the first player to drop out as final table action began. That was “eltucu64”who put all his chips into play on the turn with a pair, but was already tied against a set of kings from Vieira and she was eliminated in seventh place.

A little later the field was reduced to just five players “jokkee_apart” He got all in with Tens Full, but was outclassed by anonymousstruts who went Jacks Full. This pot also resulted in the largest chip deficit “Imbajimbaa” faced all day, as it left “anonymstruts” with over 10,000,000 chips.

Joao Vieira
Joao Vieira came fourth and received $100,333

The remaining five players spent the next two hours jockeying for position and trading chips before Joentausta was next to fail after he moved all-in on the flop and a heart on the turn gave his opponent a flush that took him to the rail sent. Vieira was the next to go out not too long after, when he moved all-in with kings against aces and his opponent improved even further to a straight.

After Vieira’s elimination, “ADIBO” was a clear short stack compared to the other two, and although they struggled briefly, they ultimately fell to third place. They got their money’s worth, but “Imbajimbaa” hit an ace on the river to start heads-up play.

At the start of heads-up play, it seemed like “Imbajimbaa” was headed for a win as they built a chip lead of nearly 4-1. “anonymstruts” got the last chips behind, but managed to make a set on the river, double up and get almost even in chips.

“Imbajimbaa” was then able to gradually expand his chip lead again through pressure and winning small to medium pots. Finally, all the chips went to the middle, with “Imbajimbaa” in front. Not only did they hold, but they also hit the nut flush on the river to eliminate their heads-up opponent and secure the title.

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