Italian Tennis Ump Banned Seven Years for Match Fixing

Tennis player checking his racquet strings

Italian tennis official Lorenzo Chiurazzi was suspended seven-and-a-half years for match-fixing-related offenses. [Image:]

Swift sentencing

Italian national-level tennis chair umpire and line judge Lorenzo Chiurazzi has been banned by the International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA) for seven-and-a-half years for match-fixing.

a fine of $50,000, of which $33,500 has been suspended

A statement released Friday confirmed Chiurazzi’s suspension, as well as a fine of $50,000, of which $33,500 has been suspended. The issue was settled under the ITIA’s “Proposal for Disposition,” which allows the body to levy a sentence without a hearing.

The ban will last from the date the charges were imposed, August 12, 2022, until February 11, 2030.

Violations of rules

Chiurazzi’s misconduct came during a match in 2021 at a tournament in Perugia, Italy. The match officially committed a litany of infractions, including delaying the score input, purposely uploading the wrong score, and failing to participate with an investigation and report corruption.

Chiurazzi was found guilty on multiple charges of violating the Tennis Anti-Corruption Program (TACP)listed below:

  • Section D.1.b, which lists gambling offenses that could lead to punishment.
  • Section D.1.m, which handles how the scores should be input in a timely manner and without manipulation.
  • Section D.1.d, which forbids the contrivance of an event.
  • Section, which mandates any official attempted to be influenced by an unauthorized party report the incident.
  • Section F.2.b, which says that all officials must cooperate with investigations.

Chiurazzi admitted to the charges and was subsequently banned.

Growing problems with match fixing

Chiurazzi will not participate in any nationally or internationally regulated tennis events until his suspension has been served.

also investigating fellow Italian chair umpire Francesco Totaro, who was accused of match-fixing

Meanwhile, the ITIA is also investigating fellow Italian chair umpire Francesco Totaro, who was accused of match-fixing in July. Furthermore, three Tunisian officials were suspended for suspected match-fixing the same week as Totaro.

The ITIA hopes that its strict scrutiny will provide a safer space for the sports.

“The ITIA is an independent body established by the International Governing Bodies of Tennis to promote, encourage, enhance and safeguard the integrity of professional tennis worldwide,” said a statement after Totaro’s suspension.


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