Jamul Casino is hosting the RunGood Road Trip in San Diego November 14-19

Jamul Casino

RunGood Poker Series (RGPS) will stop Jamul Casino in San Diego 14th-19th November for one of the last stops in his road trip series.

The stop will feature 12 wrestling events including a $250 DeepStack with two opening flights and a guarantee of $25,000, as well as a $150 Women’s Event funded by League of Nations. Everything culminates in the $600 Main Event with three opening flights and a $150,000 Guarantee.

The series is preceded by a week of satellites from November 7th to 10th, with $85 Main Event satellites available each day at 2:00 p.m. with one in ten players winning a seat. The satellite week ends on Friday with a $145 Main Event Satellite This guarantees at least five seats for the flagship event.

The RGPS last stopped in San Diego in February Rafi Azam was the winner of the $600 main event after overtaking a field of 533 entrants to win $52,820 from a total prize pool of $277,160.

This road trip stop in America’s Finest City is the final leg before the finale in Thunder Valley, California in late November Brian Winters almost has a chance of being named player of the year after a dominant season.

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RGPS Road Trip Player of the Year Rankings

rank player POY points
1 Brian Winters 755
2 David Prociak 472
3 Walker Miskelly 441
4 John Koo 400
5 Jason Simon 399
6 Daniel Lowery 376
7 Dylan Lemery 365
8th Ryan Awwad 345
9 Loi Hoang 338
10 Forest checks 326

Throughout the Road Trip Series, Main Event players will compete for a spot in the Dream Seat Invitational at Thunder Valley Resort in November. The winner of the Dream Seat Invitational will only be considered by invitation PokerGO Tour Championship in December, where they will compete with the game’s best players for a $1,000,000 prize pool.

Winner of the RGPS Road Trip Main Event

Event Entries winner Price
RGPS Baltimore 195 Ari Katz $47,724
RGPS St Louis 682 Keith Heine $88,506
RGPS Tulsa 499 Tyler Barnes $52,692
RGPS Kansas City 423 William McCracken $83,099
RGPS Graton Casino 837 Anne Bui $87,425

The overview

RunGood Week begins Tuesday, November 14th with a $10,000 guarantee $150 senior wrestling event by 10 o’clock $150 Series Opener Ring Event follows at 1 p.m. with a $5,000 guarantee before the Opening Guest Bounty Ring Event valued at $200 At 7:00 p.m., players will have the opportunity to win $1,000 in cash or RunGood Apparel gift cards by picking up reward envelopes from RGPS guests and ambassadors.

Flip and Go Opportunities will also be available on demand throughout the week for $160 and players can secure a spot for the Day 2 restart on Friday, November 17th at 11am

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The $250 DeepStack begins on Wednesday with a $25,000 guarantee and two opening flights starting at 12pm on Thursday. Players who are unlucky can take part $250 one-day ring event Instead, they can play or stay for a $10,000 guaranteed game on Thursday at 1 p.m $200 Double Green Chip Bounty Ring Event at 6 p.m

Friday’s events include: $300 PLO Ring Event at 12 p.m. on the first flight $600 Main Event at 6:00 p.m. In addition to satellites throughout the week, players can win a seat at the $145 Main Event Turbo Satellite on Saturday at 9 a.m. The seat is valid for one of the remaining opening flights later in the day at 11am or 6pm. All surviving players return on Sunday at 12 p.m

Sunday’s closing ceremonies include the $150 League of Nations-sponsored women’s event and a $300 Black Chip Bounty Ring Event at 1 p.m. and a $250 Tag Team Double Ring Closer Event at 5 p.m., sponsored by Helix Poker.

Complete RGPS San Diego schedule

Date Time (Pacific) Event Buy in
Tuesday, November 7th 10 am Senior wrestling event $200
13 o’clock Series opening ring event $200
19 o’clock Opening Night Guest Bounty Ring Event $200
Upon request Flip and Go $160
Wednesday, November 8th 12 o’clock DeepStack Ring Event Flight A $250 ($50,000 GTD)
4 p.m Main Event Satellite $145
6 p.m DeepStack Ring Event Flight B $250 ($50,000 GTD)
Upon request Flip and Go Ring $160
Thursday, November 9th 12 o’clock DeepStack Ring Event Day 2
13 o’clock One-day NLH ring event $300 ($20,000 GTD)
19 o’clock Double Green Chip Bounty Ring Event $200
Upon request Flip and Go Ring Event $160
Friday, November 10th 11 clock Flip and Go Day 2
12 o’clock Pot Limit Omaha Ring Event $300
14 o’clock Main Event Satellite $145
6 p.m Main Event Flight A $600 ($200,000 GTD)
Saturday November 12th 10 am Turbo NLH Ring Event $160
12 o’clock Main event day 2
13 o’clock Black Chip Bounty Ring Event $300
17 o’clock More details about the NLH ring event $200
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