Jerry Odeen can’t stop winning; Win the Grand at PartyPoker

Jerry Odeen

Sweden Jerry Odeen enjoyed a fruitful one World Online Poker Championship (WCOOP) at PokerStars, myself four titles and the top of the middle leaderboard. Odeen’s winning streak looks set to continue for some time considering how he triumphed at the $1,050 buy-in The great at PartyPoker this weekend.

The Grand is owned by PartyPoker Tournament with the highest buy-in of the week. With many high-stakes grinders taking a break from the virtual table after the online shenanigans of the WCOOP and World Series of Poker (WSOP), this week’s Grand was contested by a compact field of 39 entrants. The low turnout meant that only seven of the nine finalists won a share of the $40,000 prize pool, meaning both Joao Binacolini And Guillaume Nolet made it to the final table but logged out of their PartyPoker account empty-handed.

Daniel Hernstrom was the first grand finalist to be paid. His seventh place prize was worth $2,499. Brazilian Daniel Nicolini secured prize money of $2,801 for sixth place Dominik Chmielone of two Czech players at the final table, ultimately had to settle for the fifth-place payout of $3,223.

Canada Foad Larki The run ended with a fourth-place finish worth $4,134, after which The Grand advanced to the heads-up portion of the tournament Juan Carlos Vecino They finished in third place from their Estonian home stadium and received $5,687.

Odeen and the Czech Republic Michael Sklenicka fought for the right to call themselves “Grand Champion” and for the not-so-small difference of almost $5,000 more in prize money. Just like in four WCOOP events earlier this month, Odeen got the job done heads-up to claim the title plus $13,265. Sklenicka received a consolation prize of $8,388.

The results of the grand final table

rank player country Price
1 Jerry Odeen Sweden $13,265
2 Michael Sklenicka Czech Republic $8,388
3 Juan Carlos Vecino Estonia $5,687
4 Foad Larki Canada $4,134
5 Dominik Chmiel Czech Republic $3,223
6 Daniel Nicolini Brazil $2,801
7 Daniel Hernstrom Sweden $2,499
8th Guillaume Nolet Canada
9 Joao Biancolini Brazil

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“LRigod94 TaON” emerges as the winner at the Sunday party

The Sunday party is PartyPoker’s flagship tournament $109 admission and guarantees at least $100,000 won every week. The Sunday Party is a two-day event that sees the final 16 players play out on Sunday before continuing on Monday to crown their champion.

All but one of the nine finalists saw their initial investment grow from $109 (perhaps less if they got in from just $0.01 via satellite) to at least four figures; “donkafterdark” was this outsider.

“MRJULIUS” And “DFATCAT”, Obvious fans of Caps Lock were the next players to be eliminated earlier “Sven III” And “The Bool” The latter was eliminated and won prize money of $3,055.

“Diguiri” fell to fourth place, but only won $200 less than the third-place finisher “puntmento” thanks to the Sunday Party’s progressive bounty structure. While “Diguiry” claimed $1,417 in scalps from his opponents, “Puntmento” only managed to collect $206 from the bounty prize pool.

The lion’s share of the $100,000 guarantee, namely $13,876 including the bounty, went to “LRigod94 TaON” who outlasted 986 opponents, including the runner-up, “Zzabbac.”

The results of the final table of the Sunday party

rank player Bounties Price total price
1 LRigod94 TaON $7,845 $6,031 $13,876
2 Zzabbac $1,157 $6,021 $7,178
3 Puntmento $206 $3,992 $4,198
4 Diguiri $1,417 $2,592 $4,009
5 Boo $1,282 $1,773 $3,055
6 Sven III $580 $1,369 $1,949
7 DFATCAT $689 $1,010 $1,699
8th MR JULIUS $552 $805 $1,357
9 donkafterdark $262 $640 $902

PartyPoker is bringing its SPINS excitement into high gear

“roblanot737” Turns $55 into $5,679 in Super $55

PartyPoker’s Daily Legends The tournaments grow in size and importance every Sunday Great $55 is one of the most popular events. The Daily Legends and Supers have limited re-entry; Only two balls are allowed in total, late entries are significantly reduced and the blind structure is designed to ensure the tournament ends at a reasonable time without affecting the average stack size at the end of the event.

The most recent Super $55 tournament attracted 837 entrants, creating a guaranteed prize pool of $41,850. Half of this sum went into the regular prize pool and the other 50% was distributed among the individual participants in the form of a progressive bonus.

These bounties soon add up to significant amounts. “WickedWinzero” fell to sixth place, but not before securing $680 in bounties. Finishing one spot lower and winning $751 from the bounty prize pool was that “benc789.”

However, it was the champion “roblanot737” that benefited from the hefty bounties. They won the Super $55 and collected $5,679, consisting of a top prize pool payout of $2,534 plus $3,145 worth of scalps. GG this person.

Super $55 Final Table Results

rank player Bounties Price total price
1 roblanot737 $3,145 $2,534 $5,679
2 Nav23 $214 $2,529 $2,743
3 RIKIDOG123 $235 $1,680 $1,915
4 The glow $248 $1,094 $1,342
5 benc789 $751 $750 $1,501
6 WickedWinzero $680 $581 $1,261
7 Timebombtom $395 $430 $825
8th RICE31 $181 $344 $525
9 INTJ $118 $275 $393


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