Bribe brokers at the zoo used money for gambling

Entrance to Singapore Zoo

A man pleaded guilty to accepting bribes in exchange for construction contracts for the Singapore Zoo. [Image:]

Bribery at the zoo

Too Say Kiong, an employee of Shin Yong Construction, pleaded guilty to 10 bribery charges related to the Singapore Zoo. Too admitted to spending much of his S$10,000-20,000 (US$7,291-14,582) savings on gambling and casino vacations.

114 cases and about S$760,000 (US$554,443) in bribes

Too, 57, received 26 months in prison for his role in the long-running bribery scheme, which involved 114 cases and around S$760,000 (US$554,443) in bribes.

Too worked with Barry Chong Peng Wee, Facilities Manager at Singapore Zoo, to ensure that Shin Yong Construction secured construction contracts from the zoo’s parent company, Wildlife Reserves Singapore.

Contracts worth $6.6 million

The Corrupt Practices Investigations Bureau in Singapore alleges that Shin Yong Construction won contracts worth S$9 million (US$6.6 million) as a result of these bribes. In addition, the contracts were given an inflated price tag.

Chong was the main recipient of the bribe, with Too receiving a small share as he acted as a middleman. Chong would review the construction contracts and then inform Too of the price for contract approval.

Chong originally worked with Too’s father before Too took over in 2005.


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