KSI Increasing Favorite in Jan 14 Bout with Dillon Danis


KSI is growing as the favorite ahead of his fight with Dillon Danis on January 14. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

UPDATE: KSI’s team announced Wednesday morning that Danis is pulling out of the fight, though Danis has yet to confirm. KSI has promised that he will still fight January 14, even if he needs to find a new opponent.

KSI vs. Danis approaches

YouTuber, rapper, and internet celebrity Olajide “KSI” Olatunji is an increasingly heavy favorite in a January 14 boxing match with MMA fighter Dillon Danis.

now -450 to win the fight

KSI opened as a -210 favorite and is now -450 to win the fight, per Pro Boxing Odds. Danis, a former Conor McGregor training partner, has moved from +170 to +325 in just a month and a half.

The fight will be broadcast via DAZN under Misfits promotions, of which KSI is the CEO. The bout will take place at Wembley Arena, a 12,500-seat venue in London, England, KSI’s home city.

Building to this point

KSI broke into the fighting scene in February 2018 when he scored a TKO victory over fellow UK YouTuber-turned-amateur boxer, Joe Weller. He then graduated to draw and defeat American entertainer Logan Paul, Mexican professional boxer Luis Alcaraz Pineda, and British rapper Swarmz.

His fight with Danis will be the biggest test of his boxing career. Although Danis is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu specialist and known for his ground game rather than his stand-up, he is 2-0 in professional bouts and trained with one of the greatest fighters of all time (McGregor).

The infiltration of “influencer boxing” has split opinions in the professional fighting community. While many recognize the benefit of casting new eyes onto the ring, others are perturbed by the lack of skill and seriousness certain fighters have shown.

had been reluctant to step into the ring until recently

Danis has been throwing jabs from the periphery of the scene for the past couple of years. He has bashed KSI and Jake Paul, another infamous YouTuber boxer and Betr co-founder, though he had been reluctant to step into the ring until recently.

Danis also could be getting cold feet, if KSI’s recent remarks that he is contesting a clause in the contract are to be believed.

If the two make it to fight day as planned, the Brit will have the clear support of the betting public on his side.

Other ongoing situations

The KSI-Danis fight is the headliner of an eight-fight card. Other YouTubers, musicians, businessmen, and celebrities will fill out the seven four-round fights leading up to the main event.

A report in the DailyMirror revealed that KSI sold around 230,000 pay-per-view copies of his event, during which he appeared in the first and last fights of the night against Swarmz and Pineda. That praise was drawn from Jake Paul, with whom KSI has a long standing beef and is on a crash course to fight in the years to come.

the day we finally settle this, it will break the internet”

“Congrats to KSI and his boxing company,” Paul tweeted. “Those are great numbers. The day we finally settle this, it will break the internet and do some big PPV numbers on Showtime. I’m ready as soon as he feels he is.”

The fight also comes shortly after KSI revealed that Prime, a beverage company he co-owns with Logan Paul (Jake Paul’s brother), is releasing a caffeinated line of beverages to join their hydration products. Unfortunately, it also comes as his partner is dealing with controversy related to a failed NFT project that he is accused of using to “scam” buyers.

KSI and Danis will meet soon for weigh-ins and face-offs before their Saturday night fight. The last time they were in the same building, Danis launched his drink into KSI’s face before giving him a soft punch to the head. Danis then skipped their scheduled presser on December 15.


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