Over $4 million guaranteed during the Merit Poker Gangster Series

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The Merit Crystal Cove Hotel-Casino is gearing up for its latest spectacular poker festival, the Merit Poker Gangster Series. The event runs from November 22nd to December 3rd Merit Poker Gangster Series boasts over $4 million in guaranteed prize pools, with each event coming with a guarantee. The best? PokerNews flies to Northern Cyprus to tell you about three of the biggest – or rather, the most – gangster tournaments.

While the first real event of the Gangster Series begins on November 22nd, two satellites take place the day before. Firstly, there is a freeroll satellite, with $25 in rebuys allowed, on November 21 at 6:00 p.m. local time, which will count towards the $275 NL warm-up satellite. This $275 satellite begins at 9:30 p.m. local time and is awarded at a minimum 15x $2,200 NL warm-up seats.

The $2,200 NL Warm-Up is the first of three events PokerNews‘ reporters will report. The first of four flights will begin on November 22nd at 12:00 p.m. local time. The champion will be crowned on November 26th. This champion will take home the lion’s share of it Guaranteed prize pool of $700,000.

Next it starts PokerNews‘ Coverage is the most eagerly awaited $5,300 high roller Event. The Gangster Series High Roller takes place from November 26th to 28th and is expected to feature plenty of standout names. High-stakes action is popular in Northern Cyprus, so it would be a big surprise if this event didn’t blow the $300,000 guarantee.

Andrei Patechuk
Andrey Pateychuk has already celebrated victory at the Gangster Series

Last but not least PokerNews“Live reporting radar is what it is $3,300 buy-in for the Main Eventwhat comes with it a $1,500,000 guarantee on its prize pool. Day 1a begins on November 28th at 12:00 p.m. local time and includes three more flights. Day 4, the final day, is scheduled for December 3rd at 1:00 p.m. local time.

When this tournament was last held in 2018, it had a $5,000 buy-in and $2 million guaranteed. Around 457 players have bought in and one Russian superstar Andrei Patechuk returned home with the title and $280,643 after a four-way deal. Expect similar prices this time.

Merit Poker Gangster Series 2023 schedule

Date Time Event guarantee
Wed, November 22nd 12.00 $2,200 NL Warm-up Day 1A $700,000
17:30 $660 NL Turbo Bounty $30,000
Thu, November 23rd 12.00 $2,200 NL Warm-up Day 1B $700,000
9.00 $770 NL Hyper Turbo Deep Stack $35,000
9:30 p.m $2,200 NL Warm-up Day 1C $700,000
Fri, November 24th 10:00 a.m $2,200 NL Warm-Up Day 1D Turbo $700,000
12:30 pm $2,200 NL Warm-up Day 2 $700,000
Sat. Nov. 25 12.00 NL warm-up day 3 $700,000
1:00 pm $1,650 NL Mystery Bounty Day 1A $200,000
7 p.m $1,100 NL Senior Event $30,000
Sun, Nov 26th 12.00 $1,650 NL Mystery Bounty Day 1B $200,000
8:00 pm $5,300 NL High Roller 8-Handed Day 1 $300,000
Monday, November 27th 12.00 Last day of the NL Mystery Bounty $200,000
12:30 pm 1,650 NL bounty $100,000
8:00 pm $5,300 NL High Roller 8-Handed Day 2 $300,000
Tue., Nov. 28 12.00 $3,300 NL Main Event Day 1A $1,500,000
14:00 clock Last day of the NL High Roller $300,000
17:30 $660 NL Hyper Turbo Deep Stack $25,000
Wed, November 29th 12.00 $3,300 NL Main Event Day 1B $1,500,000
10:00 in the afternoon $1,100 NL Mix-Max 9-Handed Day 1 $100,000
Thu, November 30th 12.00 $3,300 NL Main Event Day 1C $1,500,000
3:00 p.m $1,100 PL Omaha Bounty 8-Handed $50,000
6:00 p.m. $550 NL Texas Split $25,000
7 p.m $3,300 NL Main Event Day 1D Turbo $1,500,000
10:00 in the afternoon $1,100 NL Mix-Max 7-Handed Day 2 $100,000
Fri. Dec 1st 12.00 $3,300 NL Main Event Day 2 $1,500,000
9.00 $1,100 Double Board PLO Bomb Pot 8-Handed $50,000
10:00 in the afternoon NL Mix Max 6-Handed last day $100,000
Sat Dec 2nd 12.00 NL Main Event Day 3 $1,500,000
12:30 pm $3,300 NL Mystery Bounty Day 1A $300,000
4:00 p.m $660 NL bounty $25,000
7 p.m $3,300 NL Mystery Bounty Day 1B $300,000
9:30 p.m $660 NL Turbo Deep Stack $25,000
Sun, Dec 3rd 11:00 o’clock $3,300 NL Mystery Bounty Day 1C Turbo $300,000
1:00 pm NL Main Event Day 3 $1,500,000
1:00 pm $880 NL Deep Stack Bounty 6-Handed $35,000
5.00 $3,300 NL Merit Classic $50,000
7 p.m Last day of the NL Mystery Bounty $300,000
19:30 o’clock $550 NL Turbo Deep Stack Bounty 6-Handed $20,000

Expect to see Merit Crystal Cove regulars like Turkey’s Seref Dursun Anarwho has a record of 118 prize money in the tournaments held there, plus other players such as serial cashers Makram saber, Dmitry Gromov, Orhan AtesAnd Michel Habib. Hopefully by the end of the Gangster series you will etch your name into the Merit Crystal Cove record books.

The Merit Crystal Cove Hotel-Casino is a luxurious 5-star all-inclusive resort with everything you need under one roof. The weather in Northern Cyprus is currently a warm 28 degrees Celsius (83 Fahrenheit), so you can enjoy the sun and beaches if the poker doesn’t go quite to plan! See you there.


  • There is a Merit Poker Gangster Series Main Event with a buy-in of $3,300 and a guarantee of $1,500,000.


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