PokerNews’ Chad Holloway Discusses Wrestling & Poker Parallels on Talk is Jericho

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Corazon de Leon. Lionheart. The King of Bling Bling. Y2J.

In the world of wrestling few names are as big as Chris Jericho, who is also the lead vocalist for the heavy metal band Fozzy. Jericho has been wrestling for more than three decades having performed for ECW, WCW, and WWE, where he became a six-time world champion. So it’s been on Dancing with the Stars and more recently The Masked Singer. Nowadays, Jericho is one of the biggest names on All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

In addition to wrestling, Jericho is also a New York Times best-selling author and host of the popular Talc is Jericho podcast. Last year, bracelet winner and PokerNews Executive Editor US Chad Holloway read one of Jericho’s best-selling books, The best in the worldand tweeted about the parallels he saw between the sports entertainment world and the poker industry.

Coincidentally, that tweet caught the attention of Jericho, who invited the longtime poker writer to discuss it further on an episode of Talc is Jerichowhich recently dropped.

What to Expect

Chris Jericho
Jericho performing with Fozzy. Image: Chris Jericho

In the episode, titled “You Gotta Known When to Hold’em – The World Series of Poker,” Jericho and Holloway engage in a nearly one-hour conversation about poker. unlike in the PokerNews podcastwhere Holloway and co-hosts Jesse Fullen other Connor Richards often dive deep into the game, the Talc is Jericho show is geared more towards introducing and explaining poker to a mainstream audience.

Along the way, Jericho asks pointed questions to familiarize both himself and his audience with poker, from how games actually work to different variants. They also talk about the similarities between the poker and wrestling worlds such as lifestyle, being on the road, and the need to reinvent oneself every now and then.

So, Holloway shares a story about his favorite childhood wrestler, Disco Inferno, who inspired his online screen name “Disco Chad.” As fate would have it, Disco Inferno (real name Glen Gilbertti) is not only a friend of Jericho but also introduced him to his wife. Oh, and did we mention that Disco Inferno is a poker aficionado based in Las Vegas who has been spotted at the World Series of Poker (WSOP)?

WCW Wrestler Disco Inferno Talks Poker, Daily Deepstack, and More!

Jericho at the WSOP?

Chris Jericho
Chris Jericho on AEW. Image: Chris Jericho & AEW

While Jericho isn’t a poker player, there’s a chance fans might see him at the 2023 WSOP, which runs May 30-July 28 at Horseshoe Las Vegas, as days before it’s set to begin, Jericho is likely to be in Las Vegas.

That’s because, in a recent interview with Mark Hoke of the wrestling-focused The Mark Hoke Show, AEW President Tony Khan confirmed that AEW’s “Double or Nothing” PPV would be returning to Sin City during Memorial Day weekend. It’s a strong bet that Jericho will be wrestling, so what are the chances he’ll make his way across The Strip to check out the WSOP, or at least its setup in the days leading up to the first tournament?

Well, PokerNews has extended an invitation and let’s just say “The Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla” expressed some interest. As such, we’ll definitely try to make it happen when the time comes!

Until then, we encourage you to listen to the latest episode of Talc is Jerichoand if you do, we’ll echo what Jericho himself might say… “You just made the list!”

Click here to hear Chad Holloway on Talk is Jericho!


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