PokerStars releases the full 2024 Latin American Poker Tour (LAPT) schedule

2024 PokerStars LAPT

The Latin American Poker Tour (LAPT) returns for its 11th year and PokerStars unveils five stops for the 2024 calendar. PokerStars LAPT 2024 begins in mid-April in Panama City. Stops are planned in Rio de Janeiro, Sau Paulo, Montevideo and Mexico, the latter being a brand new addition to the LAPT locations.

Panama city is the first stage of LAPT 2024 and will take place in Hotel El Panama by Faranda Grand out of April 19th to April 23rd. The LAPT Panama City schedule features five events, all purchased and paid out in US dollars, including a highly anticipated US$1,500 Main Event.

Online satellites for the LAPT Panama Main Event are already available at PokerStarswith a $215 buy-in LAPT Panama Mega Qualifier awarding at least 13 packages on April 3 at 01:00 GMT.

Each package awards the winner a seat valued at $1,500 to the LAPT Panama Main Event and a five night stay at Faranda Grand’s Hotel El Panama.

Latin American Poker Tour 2024 schedule

Once LAPT Panama City is finished and dusted, players will have to wait a few months before the next stop, but the wait will be worth it. PokerStars is keeping its hand on the second leg secret and will only reveal something The LAPT travels to Mexico in August. Watch this area.

The LAPT sets off from Mexico in August Rio de Janeiro from October 9th, before he stays in Brazil for the Brazilian poker series (BSOP) million from November 15th to 29th. PokerStars is putting the finishing touches to the BSOP Millions schedule; PokerNews will present you the schedule in detail once it is ready.

Completing another incredible year at LAPT is a trip to Montevideo, Uruguayfrom December 10th to 15th.

Events Event country
19th-23rd April Latin American Poker Tour – LAPT Panama Panama
August Latin America Poker Tour – LAPT Mexico Mexico
9th-16th October Latin American Poker Tour – LAPT Rio de Janeiro Brazil
15th-29th November Latin America Poker Tour – BSOP Millions Brazil
10th-15th December Latin American Poker Tour – LAPT Montevideo Uruguay

2023 LAPT Main Event Results

Five events that fell under the LAPT banner took place in 2023. The LAPT 2023 started in Brazil, where Anthony Ribeiro prevailed from 557 spectators and secured a first place prize of R$650,000 ($125,277).

Uruguay was the second leg of the 2023 Tour. Tullio Juarez emerged victorious and raised $80,000 for his efforts.

On the third leg, the LAPT traveled to Panama, where Mark Meekma outlasted 339 opponents to claim the top prize of $69,934.

The last two stops in 2023 were part of the popular BSOP. The BSOP Foz de Iguacu Main Event attracted 258 participants Hugo Zanotti was the last player standing. His reward? R$330,000 ($63,991).

Lucas Rigos was the last player to win a LAPT/BSOP Main Event title. He triumphed in the BSOP Millions Main Event, pocketing a whopping R$792,000 ($162,939) after the tournament attracted 771 entrants.

Events Event Buy in Participant Price pool champion Price
2nd-6th March LAPT Brazil R$7,500 557 R$3,394,340 Anthony Ribeiro R$650,000 (US$125,277)
April 28th – May 2nd LAPT Uruguay $1,500 346 $417,900 Tullio Juarez $80,000
4th-8th August LAPT Panama $1,500 340 $410,500 Mark Meekma $69,934
4th-7th Oct BSOP Foz de Iguacu R$7,500 258 R$1,750,000 Hugo Zanotti R$330,000 (US$63,991)
17th-20th November BSOP millions R$7,500 771 R$4,736,360 Lucas Rigos R$792,000 (US$162,939)

Stay tuned to PokerNews throughout the 2024 LAPT season as we bring you the latest news, schedules and results from Latin America’s largest and most popular live poker tour.


  • Panama, Brazil, Uruguay and Mexico are the destinations for PokerStars LAPT 2024.


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