Donald Trump has a 60 percent chance of becoming president

Donald Trump enters the courthouse in New York

Donald Trump is slowly becoming the favorite to win the upcoming presidential election. [Image:]

The chances for the president are good: Donald Trump

The race to become the 47th president in the history of the United States is on, and according to betting odds, former President Donald Trump is the leading candidate.

BetUS sports betting gives Trump a -140 chance to become the second president ever and the first since Grover Cleveland in 1892 to serve non-consecutive terms. President Biden is a +200 underdog, followed by Michelle Obama (+700), California Governor Gavin Newsom (+1000), Vice President Kamala Harris (+1600) and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley.

implied probability of 58.33%

Trump’s odds of -140 correspond to an implied probability of 58.33%. Biden, who is the closest, has an implied probability of 33.33%.

Controversy at the top

Trump was a controversial figure from the moment he emerged on the presidential campaign trail in 2015. After once polling below 1% of the vote, he defied all odds and expectations and replaced Barack Obama in the White House in January 2017.

Trump’s time in office has been consistent with his personality and rife with controversy, be it his handling of foreign policy, his laissez-faire approach to COVID or his role in the Capitol riots on January 6th.

Trump, who defeated Hillary Clinton 306 to 232 electoral votes in 2016 but had nearly 3 million fewer votes overall, was ousted by Joe Biden in 2021, even though many voters felt he was not the optimal president. Instead, they voted him into office under the slogan “Anyone but Trump.”

As Trump resistance fades and questions arise about Biden’s intellectual standing, many anti-Trump voters are beginning to give in to reality.

It’s crisis fatigue for sure.”

“We’re kind of in a crisis,” said Shannon Caseber, a security guard in Pittsburgh New York Times. “It’s definitely crisis fatigue.”

Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House press secretary, announced last week that President Biden will not take a cognitive test at his upcoming medical exam. Although she cited comments from Biden’s doctor that suggested his daily duties and work demands were evidence of his mental state, many saw them as another sign that he was unfit to continue in office.

Russian President Vladimir Putin also said last week that he preferred Biden to continue as U.S. president, prompting mixed remarks.

Candidates and opinions

As Trump prepares to potentially reclaim his Pennsylvania Avenue seat, he must first pay off $355 million he owes as a result of the verdict in a fraud trial.

New York Judge Arthur Engoron imposed the fine on Trump, his company and business partner after he was found guilty of inflating the value of his assets to obtain cheap bank loans. He was also banned from doing business in New York for three years. Trump plans to appeal the ban.

Pollster FiveThirtyEight found that only 39.4% of Americans approve of Biden’s job, while 55.9% disapprove. At this point in his term, that is less than his seven immediate predecessors, including Trump (43% approval) and three Democrats, Obama (48.2%), Bill Clinton (48.9%) and Jimmy Carter (56.5% ).

“Fear” about the outcome of the upcoming election

Although Michelle Obama is in third place, she has not declared that she is running for office. The closest she came was when she shared in a podcast published on January 8 that she was “scared” about the outcome of the upcoming election.

Newsom said he has “sub-zero interest” in running for president, although he has come into greater limelight after battles with the governors of Texas and Florida.

Haley, the first woman of color to become a major Republican presidential candidate, is in the thick of the presidential race. She said Sunday that she believes either she or Vice President Harris will be president in 2025.

Other notable names on the list of candidates receiving betting odds include 2016 runner-up Hillary Clinton (+10,000), right-wing political commentator Tucker Carlson (+25,000) and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (+25,000). .


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