Sean Perry was eliminated from the $9.3 million Survivor Contest after rejecting Chop

Sean Perry

Sean Perry has been eliminated from the Circa Survivor football competition Denver Broncos lost 26-23 on a last minute field goal New England Patriots. The high-stakes poker player had refused to cut the $9.3 million prize when there were 13 entrants remaining.

Of the ten entries left in the Week 16 contest, six picked the Broncos, while the remaining four players split their picks among themselves Chicago Bears, Los Angeles RamsAnd Green Bay Packers. All three teams won, leaving just four contestants left to compete for the $9.3 million prize – or cut it if they choose.

Sean Perry
Sean Perry

The popular competition is hosted by Circa Sports every football season and the 2023 edition attracted 9,267 entries of $1,000 each, bringing the total prize to $9,267,000. Players select a winner each week and can only select each team once per entry. Entries will be eliminated if players select a losing team and the competition will end if there is one entry left.

“Why should I hack when I have an advantage?”

The loss came after Perry went public in an interview with the Las Vegas Review Journal to explain his reasons for refusing to split the prize pool. Perry declined a chop that would have given each player $400,000, with the rest going to the winner.

“Why should I hack when I have an advantage?” Perry told LVRJ’s Todd Dewey. “If you win $400,000 each, theoretically I lose all the money I take out of the prize pool because I have an advantage. I believe that I still have the best team and am confident in my abilities. That’s what I do. I’m a big breaker. I’ve been the biggest winner in sports for a long time.”

There are no consolation prizes, so Perry won’t win anything for his deep run. Each remaining entry is worth about $2.3 million if all four players choose an even outcome. There are only three weeks left in the competition, with Christmas Day considered its own week 16b.

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