“Star gets reprieve due to six-month license suspension”

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Australian casino giant The Star Entertainment has secured a six-month extension to its suspension period in Queensland. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

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Star Entertainment Group has secured the lifeline of another six months to get its home to avoid a casino license suspension.

The Queensland government has given Star until May 31

The Australian casino operator initially had a notice period of 12 months; However, this should expire next Friday. The Queensland government has now given Star until May 31 to demonstrate that its Brisbane and Gold Coast casinos are operational.

If Star fails to comply with this obligation, its gaming licenses may be suspended for 90 days.

Last December, the Queensland government fined Star A$100 million ($65.6 million) after finding the operator was incapable of holding its casino licenses. The ruling followed a report into alleged criminal activity filed by former Court of Appeals President Robert Gotterson.

Redevelopment plan available

The Gotterson report concluded that Star misled regulators and targeted players who were barred from interstate casinos. To get the company back on track, Queensland Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath has approved Star’s 640-point recovery plan.

Evidence that they change from top to bottom.”

Failure to comply with the plan would subject Star to further disciplinary action, including fines of up to AU$5 million (US$3.28 million), according to D’Ath. While she said it was still early days, there was “evidence that they are changing from the top down.”

The appointment of Special Manager Nicholas Weeks has also been extended by the Queensland Government for a further 12 months. He is expected to remain in his position until December 8, 2024.

Star chief executive and managing director Robbie Cooke said he was pleased the plan had been approved and considered it an “important step in our journey to return to fitness in Queensland”.

A tough year

It’s been a difficult year for Star.

A further fine was imposed in March after the company pleaded guilty to new charges just five months after being handed a A$100 million fine. The guilty plea came after an investigation uncovered breaches of compliance standards at Star’s two casinos in Queensland: Treasury Casino in Brisbane and Star Gold Coast. The casinos admitted seven charges related to paying for gambling chips with a credit card.

Star then announced in April that it would have to lay off 500 staff and freeze salaries after revenue from its Australian casinos fell.


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