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PartyPoker MyGame Whiz

Did you know that everyone PartyPoker The player has access to an incredible training tool called MyGame Whiz? They do, and it’s 100% free to use. MyGame is a reporting and training tool, while Whiz brings everything to life in real time. Taken together, MyGame Whiz is a personal poker trainer designed to improve your skills and take your poker game to the next level.

Once you activate MyGame Whiz in your PartyPoker account settings, you’ll wonder how you ever played online poker without MyGame Whiz. MyGame Whiz starts analyzing your game as soon as you launch it on the desktop client – the program is not currently available for mobile devices. Play Now No Limit Hold’em or Pot Limit Omaha Cash games or fastforward, tournament poker, including SPINS, and MyGame Whiz is watching in the background.

MyGame Whiz begins recording every hand you play in the Live Feed tab. Check out the Chat tab for advice on how you should have played the hand. MyGame Whiz gives you words of encouragement for hands you’ve played well, and hints and tips on how to play similar hands in the future.

It is possible to play the hands again after you have finished playing and MyGame Whiz will show you how you should have played each hand. It’s an excellent tool that some poker training sites would probably charge a small fortune for.

Why is your MyGame certificate evaluated?

Once you’ve played at least 100 handsMyGame Whiz creates a report card, similar to the report cards teachers give out at school. Your MyGame testimonial is divided into five key categories: Key Stats, Stealing & Blind Defense, 3 and 4 Betting, Post-Flop Aggression, Showdowns and Shorter Stack Play. Each of these categories can be expanded to show much more detailed statistics, and your statistics will be compared to those considered optimal. You will then be graded A to F, with A being the best in your class!

If there’s an area where your stats are far from optimal, MyGame Whiz will highlight it and offer simple lessons to get your game back on track. For example, MyGame Whiz may indicate that you have position awareness issues when faced with a raise. It then highlights some lessons that might help you, including the best starting hands for full-ring games or a lesson on the importance of position.

Your transcript will also place you into one of seven skill levels based on your overall score.

Skill level Overall rating
Beginner 0-40%
Social 40.01-50%
In between 50.01-60%
Solid 60.01-70%
Progressive 70.01-80%
professional 80.01-90%
Elite Pro 90.01-100%

The more hands you play, the more the reports are more precise Because statistics take a while to become meaningful. For example, your VPIP statistic, which shows how often you play a hand, starts to become useful after just 250 hands, whereas your three-bet from the big blind against a steal requires at least 4,000 hands to be correct.

MyGame Whiz is perfect for poker players who want to improve their poker skills without having to invest their hard-earned funds in a training site or poker trainer. Why not Join PartyPoker todaylaunch MyGame Whiz, play poker and see what dizzying heights your game can reach with the software’s wise advice?


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