Tribes Partners Up to Develop Class II Sports Betting App

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Tribes in California and Oklahoma have come together to develop a new Class II sports betting app. [Image:]

A unique offering

Two tribes in Oklahoma and a California tribe have come together to develop a new app that allows users to engage in a unique type of sports prediction betting. PlaySqor is being created in collaboration with New York-based gaming company, Vetnos LLC. The current plan to bring the app to market during the first quarter of 2023, provided all the final testing phases go smoothly.

According to the news release, “PlaySqor targets the casual fan betting on their favorite athletes on a fast, fun fixed-odds betting platform, strategically developed with a bingo engine.”

help give tribes an option to offer sports-related gaming

Vetnos’ chief gaming officer Valerie Spicer spoke to the Tulsa World on Wednesday, explaining that the company wanted to help give tribes an option to offer sports-related gaming, particularly in those states where out-and-out sports betting is not yet legal.

Bingo-style prediction game

The PlaySqor app will give users the ability to wager real money on player matchups from different sports, including college and pro basketball, football, and hockey. For example, a matchup might see two different running backs pitted against one another.

have the chance to earn real money

After the games take place, the winners of the matchups then go onto a type of bingo card. Participants will then have the chance to earn real money depending on the rows or patterns that the winning matchups create. PlaySqor has likened this card to a tic-tac-toe board.

Bet sizes start from $1 and the app will be free to download. Tribes will license the app and can customize it to their specific needs. States would get no revenue generated through PlaySqor, but tribes would get a commission.

Bringing sports gaming to tribes

One of the main goals of the app’s launch is to expand the scope of Class II gaming facilities to allow them to get some exposure to sports betting. Class II gaming mainly involves bingo games; PlaySqor appears to fit the bill. PlaySqor said that it has worked with Class II gaming legal experts and an independent testing lab to make sure that it is fully compliant.

The Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma, the Wichita and Affiliated Tribes, and Central California’s Chicken Ranch Tribe of Me-Wuk Indians of Jamestown are the three tribal partners.

Currently, there is no legal sports betting in Oklahoma and California. However, Class II gaming has been allowed for many years in both states. Amendments to current tribal gaming compacts would likely be necessary to legalize retail sports betting in Oklahoma. According to local observers, tense relations between tribal leaders and Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt won’t help any legalization attempts. In California, there are a couple of propositions on the November ballot relating to the legalization of sports betting.


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