UK Gambling Commission Suspends Bet-at-Home License

SUSPENDED stamped on a notebook

The UKGC has suspended Bet-at-Home’s license pending the outcome of a review of the operator’s social responsibility and anti-money laundering practices. [Image:]

In-depth review into the operator

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has suspended the operating license of the Bet-at-Home brand. The suspension went into effect on Thursday and will remain in place until the gambling regulator completes a review of the operator’s business.

Concerns about social responsibility and anti-money laundering

Explaining the reasoning behind the suspension of the license, the UKGC referenced concerns about social responsibility and anti-money laundering practices. The regulator will determine whether or not the operator was intentionally avoiding compliance in certain areas. The UKGC has suspicions that “activities may have been carried on in purported reliance on the license but not in accordance with a condition of the license.”

Users still have account access

People who have accounts with the Germany-based operator will be able to access them and withdraw money. Users will be able to contact the operator through its website. The UKGC will provide updates to Bet-at-Home customers on the outcome of the review and any subsequent implications.

Bet-at-Home has been operating an online casino and sportsbook in the UK for a number of years, having gained a UKGC license in 2014.

Following the review, Bet-at-Home will need to follow any UKGC recommendations before its license is reinstated. It is unclear how long the review will take, but it is not something that is expected to be finished any time soon.

Issues elsewhere

It is not just in the UK where Bet-at-Home has come under fire. It had been looking at establishing itself in certain emerging markets across Europe, such as Switzerland, the Supreme Court in Switzerland ruled that Bet-at-Home could not launch a platform in the region. It has also closed down its operations in the German and Dutch markets as they have both shifted to a more highly-regulated industry.

BetClic Everest Group is the owner of the Bet-at-Home brand. The BetClic brand is a major player in the French gambling market.

The UKGC takes its role very seriously and makes sure that all licenses have their systems and practices up to scratch. There is a particular focus by the regulator on making sure that anti-money laundering controls are fully in place, as well as ensuring operators meet all of the relevant social responsibility standards. Numerous high-profile operators in the UK market have been on the receiving end of significant fines for these types of failings.


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